Gone are the Days - A 50 Word Challenge

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So, today's 50 Word Challenge story is personal. It's real and autobiographical. I hope you enjoy.


Gone are the Days

POP! The knee just gave out and I was lying on the floor. Thudding lances of fire shot through the knee.

I shook my head, chuckling. ‘Well, there go my Basketball playing days I guess.’

Then again, my only plus was great reflexes. I never played on a team anyway.

Thank you for reading my super-short story... all events are my own @OriginalWorks and are autobiographical. I, even now, have ACL damage in both knees (the other knee popped in a touch football game where someone decided to pick me up and throw me to the side).

I hope you can appreciate it.


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Ouch!! ACL tears are terrible. Usually they involve an operation. You haven't had surgery on your knees? But... back to fiction. Great use of the "pop" prompt! I knew we would get an interesting variety of interpretations. :-)

Thanks @jayna, it gives me problems to this day (both knees, as in just yesterday my left knee wanted to slide out) so I can't run anymore without risk of popping it again. Never had surgery b/c the doctor said it wasn't needed. Besides, I'm a writer not an athlete, lol. I'm glad you appreciate the circumstance in the story.

hello @dbzfan4awhilw, Well keep trying to play basketball, and heal the knee !!, you can visit my 50 words publication.

That was about 25 years ago. I was out-of-shape back then and never was an athlete. Truly the only thing I have going for me athlete-wise is good reflexes (I can do a bit of juggling).

Oh! That's so bad. But who did you played with? The one who threw you a side is a monster D:

The 1st knee injury (in the story) was a Basketball game in college only b/c the guys needed an extra player. I did have 6 steals though before my knee went out. It was on St. Patrick's Day, b/c afterwards I hopped out of the Gymnasium, up the street to my dorm, up the 3 flights of stairs (where I wrapped it with an Ace Bandage), then down again to make it to the lunch line in time to be one of the first 10 people. Because I was one of the first 10, I got a Lucky Charms mini-basketball (oh the irony that day).

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