When I am Gone... - A Fifty Word Story

in fiftywords •  3 months ago


Time changed and sunlight shifted.

A man walked to the window and looked down. A small family walked below, a mother with two small children.

They'd come. They'd remember him.

He watched till they turned the corner, then walked slowly back to his hospital bed.

Time changed again.

He slept.

I originally wrote this for a contest but my story didn't match the picture prompt when I was done, and I'd spent all day on this, so I figured I'd just post it anyways. Time travel is a lot of fun (especially all of those paradoxes)


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@carn, I haven't seen anything from you in quite a while. Just checking in! Is everything okay?


I'm just a sporadic poster that isn't highly motivated to wrute. Need to work more on it. Thanks for asking though!