In Due Time

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Alfie avoided Lily's eyes. They didn't shine any more.

The guard coughed. "Visiting time over."

Lily's cuffs rattled as she touched the glass. “Forgive me? It was for you.”

Alfie smiled wanly and rose to leave. “I’ll try. One day.”

He walked away without looking back.

This is my entry to the 50 Word Challenge, hosted by @jayna.


I really like this. I think you are doing great with these. The dark vibe suits you.

Thank you! I'm starting to see that myself. Your method has been the key to being able to write these.

This story is stunning, @alheath. I think you could lead a class in how to write micro-fiction. You've got a full story here, a complete conflict, really interesting characters and relationships, and a brilliant resolution. Damn fine work!

Wow, thank you! That's a huge compliment.

Fine stories. Sacrifices are not always understood, let alone rewarded. Forgiveness, like jail, can be an acquired taste :)

Thank you! Indeed it can. Not everyone is ready to sample it.

Very very impressed with this piece.. So much packed in here...

Thank you!

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