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Very funny

Really funny, thanks for sharing

The one we love and care about special and dear to us all.

I respect 'em all

Nice show

What a fun!


@ubg Thank you once again for upvoting my recent post MILESTONE | CELEBRATING 200 FOLLOWERS

Thank you for sharing! ☆☆☆☆☆😎

hahahaha funnny!!!!!!!

I am now following you ubg

is this attack on titan pre-sequel?

he's great i respect

following you now :) Nice video btw XD

This is hilarious especially because my son just bought a new figet spinner last night

Oh man i'm sharing the shit outta that one;) Thanks


Sir, please vote for us. We are very grateful to this. You continue to have success in the same way. @ahlawat

Funny Thank you for sharing!


Im Still! Dying over this one. Love it!

xD that ending tho xD

Thanks for sharing

Nice. lol :)

Thanks for voting, I want, you and me voting for each other countinu

Eğlenceli buldum.

UpVoted @ubg this is wisdom. Everyone is special. Some in their own ways. And Our ways is no discrimination.

I wish I could be a fidget spinner pro