I have decided to write a fictional story

in fictional •  last year

From a long time, the idea was in my mind to write a fictional story and self publish it. I had a few plots in my mind including romantic, patriotic and political.

The whole story would revolve in my mind as to what happens to which characters and how the story unfolds itself in a way that a reader will find it interesting and happening.

With the thought still in my mind, I stumbled up on Quora. I started writing on Quora and gained a few followers. I still write on Quora but one thing that stuck with me was this idea of Quora.

They have a section called blogs where you can create your own topic and write about almost anything kind of like I am writing this post.

For this post, I chose the title and of course, the content.

A few days ago, I got to know about steemit.

Originally, I was thinking about self publishing a fictional book but then I thought of doing an experiment to publish the book chapter by chapter on Quora.

And, steemit happened.

Therefore, I have decided to write a fictional story chapter by chapter on steemit just as an experiment.

I would publish the chapters regularly and see what happens. If it's a success, good and if it isn't, well, awesome. I will try something else somewhere on this ever lasting and never ending internet.

By any chance if you have read this post, I would highly appreciate to know your thoughts or suggestions on this idea.

P.S. - I have not written any chapter and this is the first time I'll be writing a book.

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