The Broods

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Villa De Karkaldwin, Pryldahn, 1439 ATC

Venser had kept Galaxteah in a castle like structure at the edge of his property. Her section of the castle had a large waiting room, bedroom, kitchen all of the common living needs. The larger part however, held a small hoard of treasure and coins, and was guarded by the lesser dragoness Nivarah who spent most of her time sleeping on top of it, and taking care of her hybrid. All was fairly silent for now, outside the sound of wind and rain was prevalent. Until the sound of leather boots were heard approaching. The bearded man returned with a tray of cooked meat and water for Galatea and mashed blood pudding for their four, rapid growing demon babies. ''Galaxteah? Kids?''

Galaxteah had been quiet most of this time. Small frame, though strong still not back to normal after all that had happened. She was slow in movement and a bit more ashen than normal. She didn't respond all that much but more of a clatter came from the demons that were his sires. She gave a small smile at the delivery of food but other wise lethargic. She was obviously not so good at this being a parent thing, as most Coldwroughtian broodmothers just used their children as mere fodder before having more reminiscent of an insect queen.

Venser wore what he always wore, though different colored than normal. A black and grey entertainer's tunic with baggy black pants and grey boots, along with a cloak and hood, the cape itself a bit wet from the cold rain. He entered, giving her a soft war smile as he approached her on the bed, looking around for the little ashen skinned ones.

''Hungry? Foods here.'' He asked sitting beside Galatea. ''I know you're hungry...'' He exposed his neck for her, willing letting her drink his blood for nutrients.

Galaxteah looked to him and sighed deeply. She motioned down to the side and under the bed with a flick of her fingers to where he may find the ones he looked for. She looked to his offering and lowered her eyes. "No thank you... It somehow feels wrong at this point to do so. You're so kind but there are times where I'm tempted to drain your body of all its blood."

''Does it? I know... Remember how we met. We fought, we fucked... When I brought you here you tried to rip my throat out and then we fucked again... And now... Here we are.'' Venser spoke, rubbing at the back of his head with one hand. ''I know you require my blood, even if it turns you feral at times... But, I do what I need to do to feed you and the kids.'' Venser slid off the bed and grasped the sheets, lifting them up to look under the bed.

The four armed, four breasted brood demoness watched him as she turned over and he looks down beneath the sheets. There in the darkness he would see the glowing of bright green eyes staring out at him that retreated backwards, not much else as everything seemed to be quiet.

"Yes I realize. I do not know what to do with them. Normally they raise themselves they generally are sentient enough to take care of themselves. They are playing some game now I think, enjoying the shadows and hunting in the walls whenever they can escape outside."

''Who thought this would happen? Yeah. But, you know I live with plenty of my other mates and children... So they'll help. Along with the servants. Plenty of workers!''

Venser cleared his throat before recalling those many months ago when they had met inside the dungeon... Galaxteah's legs were spread about his hips as he rests on his back. A heavy grunt of sound in her chest with his fingers gripping them firmly. Already rounded core on display below that heaves out with his upward motion. Her smile sly as she licks her lips. Head back and splaying her hair about her shoulders and across her manhandled breasts. Her body turning and making him stir every drop into the walls of her hungry innards. Her arms reaching back to grip his thighs wings spread out to hold her over him. Givng him a full view of that still pulsing and growing stomach that indeed looked as if she as carrying four broods that were ready to escape at a moments notice as they mated. He smiled and nodded thinking about it.

Galaxteah looked at him and glances away with a 'hmmm' sound. "Well they are going to have to... I think I was meant more to be just a brood mother than an actual mother. Never thought I would end up in this situation to be honest. Or really had to think about it." She shrugs and stretches out as she gives a small groan from a sore body. "But, goddess, here I am and must deal with it. "

''A broodmare succubus like yourself, I could understand, right, though I offer you my body as you offered yours...'' Venser picked up the tray with the bowls of mashed blood pudding and backed up a bit, setting it down on the floor. ''Ahem. Tala? Gala, Vala, Kala, food.'' He was sure they could smell the precious red liquid. ''Never expected you to follow a goddess...''

"I do have a bit of drow in me... There is a goddess there that is respected. A dark one. Just as dark as anything... Down there." Galxteah shifted as the bed lifts a bit with movement. Arms to reach out, fingers going for the bowls to just snatch them and pull them into the darkness. Leaving the room filled with giggling and growling. Wet sounds of slurping to follow. "You realize that this lot below will wish to hunt soon. And I'm not talking about small animals like mice." She said matter of factly.

Venser let out an annoyed sigh, wanting to see the children they had made together. His porcelain fingers clacked against the floor as he held up his left hand, trapping the tray in a green aura but rather than expecting the tray to be snatched, all of the bowls were snatched up under the bed. ''I think better raised up here then down... There, right? But... Really, how much could they have grown in the last couple of weeks or months or...'' Venser had lost track of time with so much going on lately. Looking up to Galaxteah while he sat on the floor.

''We could all go hunting together before the snow falls."

"Anywhere would be better than the bowels of Coldwrought. The smell alone would probably kill any non-demon in a matter of seconds. The broods are grown enough to be hungry all the time, I have been hunting since I was very young myself." The four armed demoness looked to him and gives a small smile. "They like the darkness... Hence the hiding and wandering around for vermin to catch. Rather... Disgusting if you ask me. But I wouldn't know if such was a right or wrong trait for the little beasties... "

''Definetely don't want to go there. The Lake of Ice does not sound good at any part of the year. And that sounds just like you. Well, not the vermin part. Since I know you prefer... Human flesh and blood, along with the other stuff I've brought you. So,'' He paused his rambling while he listened to the four broods eat beneath Galaxteah's bed. ''I know... You know. Most of the time when we get to talk you're in a feral mood but...'' Venser went silent for a few moments, his face blank as he looked to her with his emerald serpent eyes. ''You think they're going to age rapidly? Is that normal for... Broods?"

"No one would which is why many of us try to escape. They will, yes. But I cannot exactly tell you exactly how fast they will nature to adulthood." Galaxteah reached up to preenthe hair over her ear with a curl of her fingers. The rings within to jangle with the motion. She then actually fixed her gown at bit as she speaks. "They are already bigger than they should be... At least it seems so to me. Rather flying blind here." She then turned her eyes back up towards him and canted her head to the side. " Why does it matter?"

''Half human mostly a specific kind of succubus part drow then...'' Venser said looking over to the demoness concubine in the bed, watching her play with her hair. ''Was just curious... Two of my children aged rapidly. Like, my daughter Elanaea is four years younger than her older siblings but now she's matured about six years further than him because of her magic metabolism or something like that. Fucking complicated." Venser got on all fours and tried to look underneath the bed now. ''Hmmmm...'' He stood up, crawling into bed beside four armed, four breastfed succubus now.

Galaxteah watched him and then pitched as he crawled up onto the bed. His look under it not heeding anything but shifting shadows and flashes of eyes. She sighed deeply and motioned around the place with a sweep of her hand. "What is the purpose of all this? Why do you wish all these offspring? With so many running about its not like there is ever a true heir to your family business as it were."

''They are still our children nevertheless. I care for all of them, and I expect them to share all of our property. They love me, and I love them. And that's all I really want, to be loved. I would say that's what everyone wants really." Venser stated, looking Galaxteah with his handsome visage. ''You said you don't know what to do with them. Whats on your mind?''

She shook her head at his non-answer answer. The man was so confusing. "Do the best I can. If they are anything like normal broods, they will be taking care of themselves in no time. I'm sure you and your wives will take care of them. I'm not doubting that in the least. " Looking down and biting her lip again. "You have been taking care of me all this time and I have been quite a chore. Normally a broodmother takes care of herself in a lair and slowly goes insane."

''How old are you, Galatea? How long have you been luring men to mate with and then lead them to their demise?'' Venser asked turning over on his side, reaching his head on his hand, looking to the demoness beside him whilst tracing his cold porcelain fingers up her exposed arm. ''And again, I have plenty of help around here and... No. You haven't been quite a chore. I suppose all the times you try to kill me. But it's all just good fun.'' He said with a soft chuckle, leaning into to kiss her softly on the lips.

The four armed broodmother sat quietly. Her skin soft as they day he met her and aroma very gentle in the nostrils. "Fun... Heh." she mused softly. "I am rather young for my linneage, just over two hundred years old. Give or take."

Venser's bearded face moved in closer to hers, kissing along the soft grey skin of her neck gently, whilst suckling on her earlobe. ''And now you're mine. A sex fiend breeder... I mean...'' He cleared his throat. ''And I'm only... Almost forty. But I know your kind ages much different than mine. But, I'm happy you're here in better conditions than say, a cave in the woods. Or ya know, a frozen wasteland beneath the ground."

Galaxteah turned her red eyes to him. Not moving as his lips find her neck. The skin smooth and ear to jangle with all the piercings as he nips at it. She gave a small smile.

"Oh, so your opinion has changed then, Venser? Ha ha ha.

''I think my opinion of you has always been sex fiend breeder...'' He shrugged. ''But the term has changed to... Lover.'' Venser planted kiss after kiss on her neck, before sitting up and kissing her on the lips, rolling over and placinh imself between her legs. ''I mean, I know we enjoy each other... I provide you and our children with nourishment and you provide me with... You know."

Galaxteah nipped at his lips when they were close. "Well I admit to enjoying the playtime. You are a very skilled human." She motioned down to the bed with a point to motion to what was under the bed. "Not so sure about that. But the getting there is actually interestingly fun. "

''When we do have playtime... You sexy broodmother succubus sexy thing you...'' He chuckled and kiss her on the lips again. Going still and listening to the rustling underneath the bed, letting out a sigh. ''We can put them in the other room or wait a bit until later. Trying to get the kids to come out... If they ever do." Venser felt like it was futile and he would just have have to give the quadruplets all the time they needed to warm up to their father.

The broodmother took a breath and reached out to pat the side of the bed with two left palms. "Scoot beasties..." Galaxteah said with a deep voice that rung with a bit of reverberation. A shift from below and soft giggles to follow as scratches resonate. There was some sounds and patter of scampering. The small malformed shapes to slither out and make a break for the door. Fast little creatures without much shape, definitely grey in color, four arms and their fathers eyes but a whirr of motion as they evacuated the room disappearing down a hall.

Venser simply sat up a bit and watched them scurry off almost in a flash, almost tempted to chase the broods before they disappeared. Letting out a sigh and simply flopping over beside Galatea. ''Elusive to their father, aren't they?''

"Got the pack mentality as of yet it seems. They like to stay hidden as much as possible. They will grow fast, have their own quadruplets who will go to sow chaos for demonkind and the entire cycle repeats..."

''Do they hide from you often, Galaxteah?'' Venser asked sitting up again, removing his black cloak and hooding seeing as it dragged too much and tossing it aside, letting it smack the wall near the door, along with his boots and began to undo the front of his tunic. ''I've just... Barely got to spend time with them, that's all.''

She nodded as she watched Venser undress. "They hide from me too. Its just something they do. I'm sure they will grow out of it. "

Venser just sighed again and followed it with a grunt of affirmation, tossing away the top of his tunic and showing off his barreled chest and nicely toned torso, a giant slash scar across his chest and a few faint scratch scars on it as well. Leaning over Galaxteah, he leaned into plant a few kisses upon her lips, his hand snaking over her chest and starting to undo her gown.

Hands reaching up to stroke her fingers over his shoulders. The lace coming undone upon her dress so very easly. All four of her breasts freed as they needed to breathe. They laid there together, and Galaxteah held Venser close, and let the lust she was used to take her away from all the troubled, uncertain thoughts. And the same applied to Venser who was for the first time in years, uncertain and afraid of the future.

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