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Bright sunlight streamed lazily into her room, waking Rachel on what she could see promised to be a fine and warm summer Friday. She lay there looking at the illuminated dust column a few minutes thinking about the dream she'd had. Was there a hidden message in there? She wondered what sort of meanings she might find if she examined it thoroughly with her dream encyclopedia. She jotted down some of the key points of her dream in her little diary. She'd look at it later when she returned from the picnic they'd been planning.

Rachel dressed quickly in some comfy, but faded denim cut-off shorts and a well-worn, forest green tank top. It looked like it would be quite warm, and she didn't want to over-dress. She put on her favourite hiking sandals as well. They were beginning to wear out and Rachel noted that they would need to be replaced in the sales at the end of the summer.

“A great day for a long walk,” said Rachel as she came into the kitchen. Seeing Katja, she laughed merrily. “Looks like we have arrived at the same conclusion.”

Katja also appeared to be energized by the warm sunshine and scurried around making a lunch between bites of her muesli. She stopped a moment to look at Rachel and then at her own matching cut-offs and olive green tank top, then joined in the laughter. “Maybe that’s why everyone thinks we’re twins!”

“You mean the fact we look alike and think alike and live together, work together, play together... Even dress alike! Do you ever get sick of me?”

“Not really,” said Katja. “Well, there was the time when we were still trying to understand each other...”

“Your accent sometimes got in the way – plus those silly words you Americans use for things! Got a bit easier when we realized we’re so similar, eh?” added Rachel. “Heard from your parents?”

“No. I invited them to come and see us this summer, even offered to pay for their flights, but no reply. I have to wonder if they have already written me off so completely,” Katja answered, sounding slightly depressed.

“It is so silly. Here I am, I would give anything to have known my parents and you have parents who don’t seem interested in knowing you,” Rachel said mournfully.

“Yet another thing we have in common. We’re both orphans,” Katja said with another smile. “Let's not think of anything depressing today. Let's have a great day!”

Lunch prepared, they packed it up and stowed it in Rachel's trusty brown backpack. It had plenty of pockets to carry things such as lunches, water bottles and first-aid kits. Rachel insisted on having that just in case. She lugged it onto her back and they left the apartment.

Taking the lift to the ground level, they crossed the foyer to leave by the glass doors that were heating the room uncomfortably already.

“What I would give for decent AC in this country!” Katja complained.

“Anyone would have trouble believing you’re from California!” Rachel quipped.

“That’s dry heat… what you lot have in Britain is totally different! This mugginess – ugh! I’ve even had ladies from India tell me that British heat is harder to cope with,” Katja moaned. “Do you have your mobile on you?”

“Yes. Why, are you expecting a call from a guy?” Rachel asked sarcastically.

“Ha ha! As if! Good idea to have in case of an emergency. But maybe I’ll be lucky and Mom will decide to actually take me up on my offer of flying her and Dad out here.”

“Good luck with that one...”

“I guess that’s why I keep my phone on me. No one else calls me anyway!” Katja sighed.

“I call you,” Rachel replied.

“That’s not what I mean and you know it!” Katja retorted, flipping her auburn hair irritably. Then, she sighed and laughed at her friend. “We have it so bad!”

“Who knows? Maybe we’ll meet our Prince Charmings on our walk!”

“Who just happen to be taking the same walk as us today! Ridiculous!” Katja quipped with a loud laugh.

Katja’s ire calmed in the cooler air outside. They reached the canal quickly and wandered up the tow path towards the country park. “So beautiful along the canal!” Katja said.

“Yes, it is lovely,” Rachel replied.

“Good thing we both have the day off,” said Katja.

“Yeah. Couldn’t have done another day this week for anything!” Rachel agreed wholeheartedly.

“I know what you mean,” Katja sighed.

“I love the kids and’s just the adults! ‘Make sure she has her jacket on at playtime.’ “Rachel mimicked. “It’s nearly 30 C for heaven’s sake!”

“’My little precious angel could not have possibly hit another kid!’” Katja joined in, mimicking another parent’s complaint.

They both laughed and sighed at the all-too-recent memories.

“We must promise each other that we will be reasonable parents!” Rachel said to Katja.

“That's a good plan,” Katja agreed. “Except one thing...”

“I know,” Rachel sighed.

“Yeah, the major fact that this whole thing seems to be a very long ways off barring a stupidly simple event that seems to be eluding the pair of us!” Katja replied with a degree of sarcasm.

“Okay...,” Rachel sighed again. “Why is it that everything we talk about brings us back to the topic of men?!”

“Or their conspicuous absence in our lives!” Katja said with a sigh. They walked on, passing a few other people who had obviously reached the same conclusion as to how to pass the days of the current hot spell.

They crossed over a sturdy, but wobbly stile from the tow path and into the country park. There was an information board with a few trails marked out including which signs to look for marking each one as they walked.

“Which path?” Katja wondered aloud. “There's this one down into the meadow and to the lower part of the stream. Or there's this one which goes upstream.”

“Well,” said Rachel thoughtfully. “If we go upstream first, then we can always come downstream later. We won't want to go uphill once we're tired.”

“Good thinking,” Katja said.

So, they took the path going up the small river and headed to the starting point across the quiet lane.

“Here’s the kissing gate,” Rachel said pushing the gate until it hit the further part of the fence. She squeezed into the end, the pushed the gate against the first part of the fence to let her through.”

“Such a brilliant idea, the kissing gate!” Katja said. “Allows us to get in and out – and virtually impossible for the cattle to follow!”

“I’d hate to have to get a pushchair through there though!” Rachel said.

Now, they were in a grassy field with a freshly mown path crossing at one side. Katja watched for birds, Rachel looked at the flowers and other wild plants.

A tell-tale, clock-bird-like call came from a grassy knoll not too far away. “A cuckoo!” Katja said excitedly.

They both heard the tapping of a woodpecker. Katja edged near it, transfixed. She felt a zap on her arm. “Ow!” she exclaimed startling the bird she had been stalking. “Stinging nettle!”

“Here’s a dock leaf,” Rachel said, instantly at her friend’s side. She crumbled it and rubbed it between her hands to get a juice which she rubbed into the welt now forming on Katja’s exposed arm.

At first, Katja felt no difference, but gradually, the stinging eased. “Almost as good as if I’d remembered to bring my hydrocortisone cream! One of these days…!”

“Dock often grows along with stinging nettle,” Rachel told her. “The cure next to the cause!”


The young women continued on their journey.

“I wish we had two gorgeous men to come with us,” Rachel dreamed.

“Anyone who heard us would think us desperate,” said Katja.

“Aren’t we?” asked Rachel.

“Not enough to lower our standards.”

“But enough to use crystals and a love spell. Enough to desire actors as if they were their characters...wonderfully perfect at the end.”

“But we know they aren’t their characters,” Katja protested.

“In our minds we do, yes,” Rachel agreed. “But in my heart it’s not Tom Johnston I want, it’s the Kendo master.”

“And I’m in love with Captain Trent,” Katja admitted.

“Exactly! That’s desperate...desperately hopeless!”

Along the meandering stream, Katja and Rachel continued...dreaming about the men they had never met and didn’t really believe could actually exist.

“I’m hungry,” Katja said after awhile.

“Me too,” said Rachel as she slowed down. They found a rock near the stream. Katja sat while Rachel carefully lowered her pack off her back and opened it, revealing the yummy lunch which was quickly consumed so that they could continue exploring the trail.


Supplemental Materials

Prologue, map, character list
The Legend of the Sacred Trio

Please catch up!

Birth of the Neví – 829 T.C.E. It is a tumultuous period of Terrenden history. As is all too common, there are those who wish to profit from the misfortune of others. Some of these come together in a new "charitable organization" and step on the toes of the notorious Uugli. Combine this with draconian new measures to combat pollution and Terrenden has a situation ripe for a power struggle.

Rebound of Power
Meet Iyva, a homeless teenager in Irola with a strong connection with the leya. Totally untrained, her power rebounds catastrophically, leaving her close to death. A Nameless hero saves her life, but hides. Anyone would be proud to teach her, but will she choose the safe, trustworthy A’mara or the shady ones who teach her what she wants to learn? Can she trust her hero… the Nameless One?
This story actually wraps around four other stories: Friendship on Fire,Courage to Trust, Elect to Change and Ocean of Empathy. Currently, they're only available separately, but I do plan to republish the collection as a whole - I just haven't got there yet.


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All three images were under the creative commons licensing, (no attribution required.)

  • Shaze picture developed from PXhere

Shaze divider based on:

All maps/editing by myself on GIMP and Photoscape, both free programs.

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Any names or characters, businesses or places, events or incidents, are fictitious. Although the penalty of knowing me in real life is that you will influence the creation of my characters; any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

Writing and artwork copyright myself 2005-2018 – all rights reserved.
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I like the hippy tone of this series. Time to catch up with the chapters before this one. As always, very brilliantly presented. Keep them coming :)



Thank you! I guess I'm a bit of a hippy myself and it comes through. :-)

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Thank you! You've really made my week!

Congrats on the curie vote @viking-ventures! :)
I enjoyed reading your story. I could picture the scenes of every paragraph in my head as I read along, from the clothes that Rachel was putting on to the kitchen where she met Katja to them walking out to the country park. Looks like they both have an adventure ahead of them :)

“I wish we had two gorgeous men to come with us,” Rachel dreamed.

Aah.. I wish too :)


Thank you so much!
I'm working harder to describe what I see.

Describing the "kissing gate" was challenging. They are some of the better types of gates to encounter, but yes, can be a real challenge to get a stroller/pushchair through. (I've done it.) Better than a stile though. :-p


You are good at it, describing what you see and I really like that. It helps my mind to imagine and I love to imagine scenes :)
Aah.. is "kissing gate" real? Haha.. stile would be impossible to push through a stroller/pushchair. Probably better to just throw it over the stile hehe.


Stiles are great! But not with a stroller!
Here's the "kissing gate" from Wikipedia. It's a pretty cool invention, actually.,
This example would not be pushchair friendly though...

This one works better though - from

As you can (hopefully) see, the gate swings from one closed point to another closed point. You get into the arc and swing it the other direction and get out again. Very clever design.


Ooo.. so that is what the gate is called. It kisses as it closes? Hehe. Cool, I learnt a new thing! I have seen this type of design and never did I know it is called a kissing gate! So cute :) Thank you @viking-ventures!


The English have a lot of cute names for things. :-)


Hehe yah.. Oh and I love Anne of Green Gables 😍


I love Anne of Green Gables too.

Prince Edward Island is a very different sort of place. English, but French, but American and even a dash of Gaelic for good measure. An interesting place that I'd love to visit one day.

The author also got a bit into "dream land" in her later books which definitely detracted a bit - though the experiences of the Islanders of war were very interesting and educational.

That is funny to have two friends who are so alike, in their taste, thinking and understand each other very well. Both Katja and Rachel very sympathetic, when you read it feels like they never really have had a good friend since being children but now they found each other, it is almost like two sisters who were separated in past but now they found each other. As they both orphans who knows may be that is the truth behind it :)


Yes, they do seem to be sisters separated. Their main difference are their temperaments as you will shortly discover...
I'm glad you're enjoying the story.

I enjoy this style of writing.. I can imagine reading your book after a busy day, wrapped in a blanket and sipping my latte :) Easy reading and very interesting. You are a great story teller! Thank you for sharing!


Thank you for your lovely comment.
That is the sort of feel I'm aiming for. I like to read my books while lying in bed on a lazy afternoon or early evening. Of course, the one I'm working on is usually the one I read and reread, part of being a writer.
I'm so glad you're enjoying it!


Are you a real writer? Can I buy a book from you? :) I really enjoy your writing style and it's perfect for my reading before going to bed :)


I'm actually a figment of your imagination... (Sorry, couldn't resist.)

I'm going to recommend beginning with Rebound of Power (link in post) - which is free. I will get Friendship on Fire re-edited in the next couple of days and put the collection together (as I've been promising everyone I'm going to do for awhile now) and then you can buy the collection rather than the parts. But you get the free sample (five chapters before Friendship takes off) first. :-)

Otherwise, Birth of the Neví which I just finished serializing, is also in the links in the post. Another good place to start - and then check back here every day for an evening read. (I don't post chapters on Sundays so that I get a writing rest.)


Hahaha, I'm sorry! English is not my first language and I didn't find a better expression than saying that you're a real writer :D

Good, thank you! I will start with Rebound of Power! :)


Your English is wonderful! I was only teasing you. :-)
I'd better get off Steemit now and get that re-edit done for you. :-D


Okay - I got the re-edit done and not only republished by itself, but I also got the collection out today. Pay attention to my A'mara Books update on Sunday as I'll give you the new links then. (It usually takes a couple of days for them to hit all the epublishers.) I do not use Amazon anymore because they don't like that I share them here first.

Dang, You got another one(I just got my first curie). That's awesome, and congrats on the minnow push that was pretty sweet, I was worried that it wasn't going to happen yesterday, but glad it did.


Thanks! Yes, it didn't look like it, but I had a last minute push last night that sent me over the line. But, with another curie, I knew I'd be there this week. I just didn't want to let @hitmeasap down on his push.

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