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Ren du Lot was becoming rich. His Zizi Gougou campaign was working very well. Every day, fools were sending him BTCs to buy his fake device.

He had been careful. He had posted from a computer in the local library, using Tor, at a time when there were other people using the other computers.

He had paid for the advertising campaign with a credit card belonging to his accountant.

So, he was sure that he could not be caught.

he started to received orders two days after the start of the campaign. Initially, it was one or two orders a day. After one week, it was 100 orders per day. And now, after 3 weeks, it was 3,000 orders per day.

Every night, wearing a wig, glasses, and a fake beard, he was going to see a man named Wolfgang Rastapopoulos, a crypto fence in a remote part of the town.

He would exchange anonymously all the BTCs in his wallet for cash, at 50% the price as displayed on

Every Friday night, he went to a different casino in the nearby cities to recycle his cash.

He now had accumulated several hundred of cruzeiretas, the local money. He also had thousands of Euros.

Ren du Lot was becoming rich.


To be continued

Ren du Lot, the shit lawyer, a serial shitposting fiction inspired by Torundel the Shitposter! by @katharsisdrill.

Rules are:

211 words - Starting with the words "Ren du Lot" - First and last sentence are identical.

As I am not a native English speaker please inform me if something is misspelled, wrong, or just horrendous English, and I will see if I can fix it.

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