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For a while she had not seeing him anxious but today something was up, Chris seem to be passing up and down as if something big was about to go down, he kept looking out of the window but nothing seem to be happening since it was dark and snowy. Anabelle went to find out what was happening but Chris didn’t want to look at him, Anabelle forced him to face him and realized that his eyes had changed color. They had turned purple and that was why he didn’t want to face him

Chris was hiding a secret for a long time and was afraid of what the world would do to him if they knew, he had hid it since he was a kid but now it couldn’t be hidden any more. He had powers and now they had fully powered up and it was bothering him cause if they knew they might lock him up and treat him as a guinea pig, Anabelle was scare but when Chris showed her what his powers could do she was fascinated and scared at the same time. Chris wanted to run away but she reminded him of the good she could do . What she did not know is that Chris was helping people and hid his identity well that few knew. He wanted to stay anonymous and it hurt him so much that he hid it from the one he loved

Anabelle assured him that he would support him and promised to even help out design the suit, it was such a relief that she knew and still supported him. It changed his perspective about her and appreciated her even more. He was free to be himself and do the one thing he wanted to do without worrying , she was behind her 100% and she gave him wings to fly

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I like superpower stories since young. I do regularly visit the movies whenever there are new ones with my kids. In your story, Anabelle could give Chris wings to fly. Is it due to the design of the suit? Unless Anabelle has some superpower too!