Funny Story : The Difference Anger With Annoyance

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Once upon time, there was a little family named Stephen who lives nearby the Banda Aceh hometown, Indonesia. Stephen has a beautiful daughter named Michelle.

Once day, his daughter, Michelle was doing homework and came to asked him.

Michelle : “Dad, can you tell me what's the difference between anger and annoyance?"

Stephen : "It's just a matter of comparison. So, let me explain what that means."

The Stephen suddenly came to the guest room and took a phone and dialed the numbers at random.

Stephen : “Hello. Excuse me, is there Henry over there?”

The man on the phone : “No, there is no a such name here. Did you check the real number before you’re calling me?”

Stephen :”Look, the guy looked unhappy with our call. He may be busy and we annoyed him just now. Then please look and listen it up again!”

Stephen called back the same number.

Stephen : “Is Henry over there?”

The man on the phone: "Hey man, you just called this number and I told you for many times that there is no Henry here! Your phone is really annoying! "

The telephone were shut down. Then Stephen turned to his daughter, Michelle and said

Stephen: "You see, that's the angry name. Now I'll show you what it means to be annoyed. "


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