What I Learned from my First Post on Steemit Part II

in #fiction3 years ago (edited)

 O.K, so its now 3AM on Saturday morning and I'm learning the error of my ways. I've triple posted my debut post on Steemit by pressing the post button too many times. post...post...post. VERY BAD!!! This would have been embarassing enough if they were three perfect posts but as a Steemian in training I had made some, "hide under the blanket so no one sees you," errors.

You see, I had done my homework and read somewhere that to post photos on Steemit you needed to bracket the link and preface it with ![]. However, clearly, this was an incorrect or outdated method because every one of my images had the code showing aound the photo and it looked cringingly awful. IN TRIPLICATE! VERY BAD!!!

O.K, so I've now put it right for the first post and changed posts two and three, since they can't be deleted, so they are different from the first.  This is post three. I'm about done, because it's 3:00 AM in the morning. 

Thanks for being patient with me as I get to grips with Steemit, guys.

Yawn! Time for bed!



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Thank you steemitboard. It's my first award on steamit. Hurray!!!!

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