UOW Season 2 Valora and Abbigail Part 2: Learning Pains

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Abbigail landed face first on the floor and pushed herself up, shaking her head and spitting blood on the mat. Valora stood behind her cracking her knuckles. “Still too slow, chica. Try again.” Abbigail pushed herself up to her feet and nodded. “What am I supposed to learn again? I mean it kinda goes without saying you can kick my ass.” Valora nods. “Know how you learn to win a fight, chica?” Abbigail shrugs. “I don’t know.. Go to a dojo, learn the moves and such.” Valora nods. “Huh.. then how did humans learn to fight before karate dojos opened up in the local strip malls so people could imitate Karate Kid? You learn to fight by getting your ass kicked chica. You learn what works, what doesn’t work. Cause if you don’t, you keep getting your ass kicked. Now stop trying to hit me and hit me. Cause I got news for you, chica.. We’re going to be here until you find away past my-”

Valora quickly weaved her head to the side, avoiding the punch from Abbigail before hitting the girl with a kidney punch, blocking a wild haymaker from Abbigail, flowing seamlessly into a hip toss that brought her young protege to the ground once more. Valora shook her head as she walked around her prone student. “Chica.. You gave me a day and fuckin’ half to decide what I wanted to do about that punch. Don’t swing wild. Also, the haymaker never works.” Abbigail has gotten to a knee by this time and nods. “Well I think it might.. Say you hit a big move, opponent is dazed or whatever.. Could be a good follow up or something.” Valora shrugs, shaking her head. “The damage you’re gonna do isn’t worth the amount of energy you’ll expend, the risk of breaking a fucking finger or something when your fist is clenched so tight you’re crushing your fingers between the momentum you’ve generated in the attack and the face of the opponent. Fight smarter, not harder chica.” Abbgail gets up and nods. “So we’ve been doing this for a couple of hours.. Break time and maybe I can see if I can get some more info out of you?”

Valora smirked a bit and checked the clock for a second before nodding. “Alright.” She said before walking over and grabbing a bottled sports drink and tosses it to Abbigail before sitting down with a bottle of water and a bottle of tequila, taking a sip. Abbigail walks over and nods. “So… you knew my mom? My real mom?” Valora nods. “You’re going to be disappointed, chica. I have promises made. But yeah.. I know who she is.” Abbigail nods. “Can you tell me anything about her?” Valora nods. “I work for her..when she needs me. To answer the next question you’re gonna ask. I work for her because she helped me when I needed it. When I asked everyone, anyone for help. I was… I was still technically a federale at the time. But I was operating under a special mandate. End crime and corruption by any means I felt was needed. I was betrayed and captured and I was being tortured. I don’t know if they planned to kill me or were hoping to break me so they could mold me into what they wanted, what I do know is I asked God for help. When silence was my answer, I opened up my prayers.. One time I cut my hand and swore on my blood that any entity that helped me and let me get revenge on the pendejos that were beating and torturing me I would follow them.”

Abigail nods, engrossed in the story and thinks for a moment, before connecting the dots. “Wait.. are you saying my mom isn’t human?” Valora shrugs. “To be honest.. I dunno. I know she got me out of there, she watched as I took bloody revenge on those fuckin’ shitheels… and she claimed to have heard my vow and accepted it. Your mother definitely likes people to believe she has power Earthly power and otherwise. She has me as her problem solver.” Abbigail nods. “So… she what? Sends you an email or something?” Valora smirks. “Not exactly, kid. You watch too many movies.” Valora pauses for a second, looking over her protege and thinks. “Look, I get it. You have questions. I’m not doin’ this shit to be cruel. I have my orders. This isn’t a situation where you can find out everything at once.” Abbigail sighs and decides now is as good a time as any to quit holding in her frustrations and lunges forward pushing Valora. “Well tell whoever is making that decision that I think they suck. Can I at least know why? Why my mother couldn’t be bothered to take care of me?”

Valora shrugs. “Good question, chica. I wish I had an answer for you. All I know so far is that she felt she needed to do it to protect you. That could mean a bunch of fuckin’ things.” Valora ended her remarks and out of nowhere dropped Abbigail with a left cross. “Your surprise attacks are getting better, but you need to be ready for the same from your opponent.” Valora said as she helped Abbigail up. Abbigail took the hand and punched Valora in the gut and nailed her with an uppercut, sending the latina warrioress stumbling back. Valora spit blood and looked at her young student with pride as she smirked. “Good… you’re learning chica..”

What followed next was a flurry of action as the two women proceeded to beat each other bloody. In the end, both women lay on the ground, bleeding and exhausted, Valora giggling a bit as she groaned and rolled around. Abbigail looks over. “You know.. I thought you were crazy, the way you seem to enjoy pain and stuff..” Valora laughed a bit. “Better than sex… I could get into the science shit as to why but the bottom line is.. There’s no drug on earth better than the shit your own body cooks up when the right circumstances are met.”

Abbigail nods. “Do you ever get scared? I mean what we risk…” Valora let out a snorting laugh as she shook her head. “No chica.. I ain’t got time for fear.. Our bodies are on a clock. We’re all moving towards death. When it’s your time to go.. There is nothing that can save you. Hide in a hole? Hole collapses and you suffocate. Or you have a heart attack or some other medical issue. If it isn’t your time… there’s nothing in the world that can stop you. Besides.. Nothing fucks with your opponent more than for them to look in your eyes and see you don’t give a fuck. You have no fear. You are free and fully confident of your ability to fuck their shit up.” Abbigail nods. “Sato. He has the same mentality.” Valora smirks. “Sato and I are alot alike.. We’ve both had almost everything taken from us and we’ve learned we need to fight to keep and protect what’s ours.. Another situation that teaches you that fear is wasted energy. But the point of this match isn’t a good fight. It’s the management forcing us allies to fight each other, hoping to divide and conquer. Hopefully Sato is smarter than that.”

Abbigail nods. “And if he isn’t?” Valora walks over and grabs a bottle of water, drinking from it. “He is. I’ve spent time in Japan wrestling. The true Japanese martial arts forms don’t make stupid fighters. He undoubtedly sees what’s going on.” Abbigail nods. “Hey, you guys don’t have to fight though, right? Have you ever thought about… other options? You two deciding on a winner ahead of time and such?” Valora nods. “You mean throw a fight.” Abbigail nods. “I’ve seen the video from Wrestling Midwest. You’ve done it before.” Valora smirks. “That was… a long time ago. Also, the lesson it taught would not be learned here. It would be a wasted effort and Sato would consider the very notion of him or I losing intentionally to the other to be insulting. It’s his sin. Pride.” Abbigail nods, smirking a bit. “And your sin?” Valora laughs. “Fuck chica… I’ a fan of all seven… but mine… Wrath. Definitely Wrath. I won’t die in my bed of old age.. I’ve made my piece with that. I live a violent life.. And it will end, violently. It’s possible that your mother wanted to keep you away from this life.. Or at least give you a real choice. Come on… I need a drink.” She says as the duo head into the house and make their way to the modest bar within.