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They were fascinated by everything, and were fluent in Spanish and French. Then they got a job as a 'Gopher' on a Film Set and found their calling. Knitnan

[AN: I am not fluent in either of those]

One thing about being a Gopher was that it was very good exercise. Tali quickly memorised the fastest ways to get between Point A - the sets - and any random Point B that the cast and crew needed something from. Then there was the surprise information that Tali had access to.

"It's la petit dejuner, not le. Everything in French has a gender," Tali said.

"Oh. Yeah, I forgot that bit," said the person making corrections on the script. "Silly question, but would you know how much blood could make a one-pound iron ingot?"

"Hang on, I have to head math this. There's nine hundred and forty-eight grams in six liters of blood, that's..." Tali's fingers moved in the air... "Call it thirty-three and a half ounces in five and a bit quarts, so you'd need three times that... so fifteen quarts of blood, call it sixteen to be certain."

The scriptwriter stared at Tali. "You... just know that off the top of your head?"

"I've shared airspace with a writer. They come out with all kinds of specifically-useful facts. The math is me. My parents insisted that calculators can be wrong, so they forced me to be able to do math without whipping out my phone."

"And the metric-to-US conversion you did there?"

"I have friends on the internet and like, literally the rest of the world uses metric. I kind of absorbed the conversion charts over time. Things get stuck up in there." Tali tapped their head. "Anything else I can help with?"

"I was trying to figure out how many people someone would have to kill to make a sword out of their enemy's blood," said the scriptwriter. "How many pounds of metal per sword?"

"What kind of sword are you talking about? There's kinds."

"...and you know this because?"

"LARPing housemate who is heavy obsessed with mediaeval weaponry."

The writer laughed. "Okay. You're getting bumped up to Consultant."

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Ahh the weird random dubious facts that you need to look up as a writer that will probably get you on watchlists everywhere XD

I know them well :D Fortunately, I'm pretty sure the algorithms link these things with name sites to figure out, "Oh, it's a writer. Ignore!"