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So, what would you do if there WAS a monster under your bed? -- Anon Guest

From ghoulies and ghosties and long-leggedy beasties, and things that go bump in the night... Saen took a deep breath. Dark plus imagination lead to some degree of fear, and tonight's degree was too harsh to handle. Crying about monsters under the bed was too childish, now. She was six. She could read and dress herself and pronounce funny dinosaur names and being scared of monsters in the dark was just way too baby.

Time to face her fears.

She armed herself with a torch, and ducked over the edge of the bed. Turned it on and yelled, "HA!" at a terrified creature that instantly flinched into a curl and whimpered. It wasn't a dog. It wasn't a cat or a possum or even a monkey. What it definitely was, was terrified.

There was a monster under her bed, because it was scared. Saen stopped being scared of the things in the night and turned on the night light as she turned off her torch. "It's okay," she singsonged at a whisper. "I won't hurt you... Can we be friends?"

It wasn't quite an animal and it didn't talk and maybe it was a baby monster, because it was small enough for Saen to pick it up. It had soft, brindled fur and a pleasing coo once it got used to Saen's hands brushing it. It could walk like her when it wanted and play with toys like her and it was fun to play with, but it was also late.

Saen let it share her bed, but in the morning, the monster was gone.

She decided not to tell the grownups. They didn't like peculiar things, and wanted to make up different stories about it.

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