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Sometimes you can meet someone whos one loud scream "SILENCE!" can make everyone look at this person and stay quiet for long time.
Imagine a small Havenworlder who try to show presentation on business meeting and everyone ignore him. And then human stand up, scream "QUIET!" and everyone is terrified.
This little Havenworlder's p.o.v could be really interesting. -- Anon Guest

Business is business, they say. It can certainly make strange bedfellows out of disparate entities for the sake of profit. Especially within the Edge Territories. Here, Thrrt was facing a room full of dangerous species, including Deathworlders. Of course she wore her livesuit. There was no way she was going to go without it in the Edge. Some of the others were also in their livesuits, a measure of expedience. Others went without - a measure of their confidence in their ability to withstand whatever the environment could throw at them.

They didn't seem like the roughest and toughest. Many of them were wearing the greys of civil service and at least three of these... Humans... looked meeker than mist. The room was rowdy, all the same. Even the quiet ones were talking. Everything seemed too loud. Too busy. Thrrt spent an illogical minute pondering the relative benefits of running back to proper society and letting these immense monsters have their room of noise. She had to force herself to remember that she was the one signing their paycheques.

She took a perch up high, on the back of one of the tall, Human chairs... this entire place was made for them. She had to steady herself against its automatic articulation whilst also looking authoritative and pretending she meant for things to happen like that. "If we may commence," she said. Her voice was lost in the babble.

Her kind did not have the volume of these Deathworlders. They could create sound that could carry across mountain ranges, most generated within their own bodies and not needing much in the way of amplification tools. They could make noise loud enough to damage their own hearing apparatus. All the speakers and all the amplifiers known to Thrrt and her people couldn't cut through the casual volume these Deathworlders employed.

It was one of the quieter Humans who noticed Thrrt's predicament and stood up. "EY! Th' Boss is talking!"

Silence in less than a second. Thrrt almost fell off her perch. "Thank you," she said to the quieter one. Thank the Powers she had an automedicator in her livesuit, or she might have to be carried out, after that. They didn't need to know that, though. If she proceeded as if these shenanigans were completely normal, then she had a chance to gain a little status in their eyes. To that end, she fired up the display. "This is the Valerathi Sargasso, an area of five thousand cubic Distance Units..." she began.

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