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Chinese Water Torture is in the best cases extremely effective and in the worst cases useless against Humans. It's debatable.
Unsurprisingly Aliens of all species are not familiar with it and subsequently belong to the first Category. -- Anon Guest

One drop... falls. It lands on the brow of the captive, who cannot escape its icy touch. One drop of water is no physical harm to anyone. Theoretically, they could eventually fill the room, were it not well drained. Some drops don't even make it as far as the drains, evaporating from the captive's skin and hair.

Another drop, and another, and another, raining down in slow and steady beats. It's the kind of force that wears holes into stones. It's the kind of force that wears away mountains. It is the relentless force that could tunnel through to the centre of the world, should nothing else stop it.

But it is a single drop of water. There's no way that one drop could hurt or harm a living being. After the third hour of one drop after another, that truth seems less and less likely. Every drop is like a bullet. Time ticks away, and the captive starts to dread the next drop.

The heartrate increases. Panic responses elevate. The fear of one drop of water raises to ridiculous levels. There is no escape. There is no respite. There is only the drop... and the wait for the next one.

Some Humans can withstand it for days, carefully kept alive by their captors. Fed and cleaned, but always, always under the relentless force of the drip. Others can't make it more than an hour. Many Deathworlders don't last anywhere near as long. Havenworlders don't last much longer than twenty minutes.

It's one of the multitude of reasons why torture is banned in Galactic Space. However, on the Edge, anything can be legal. On the Edge, even the most heinous acts can be ignored for expediency's sake. On the Edge, it is simply called Human Water Torture.

One drop at a time. Wearing away at sanity. Like the seconds of a clock, wearing away at a lifespan.

Drip... Drip... Drip...

Humans, who may or may not have invented the concept of 'micro-aggressions', certainly invented Water Torture. Some of them don't see the parallel between the two.

It doesn't hurt anyone. It's just a little thing. How could anyone be upset over this small fraction of an infraction?

They don't see it. They choose to ignore it. They don't think about the next drip.

That, perhaps, is why Humans are the most dangerous creatures known to civilisation.

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