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"I don't know how to get home,"
"But you walked there yourself, just walk back the way you came,"
"Just because I managed to blindly stumble into the right building doesn't mean I have any idea where I am or how I got here." -- OohLookShiny

"What?" Blue made a face. It was a face that could easily be read as What the hell? because the print was so large.

Red sighed. "It's like this. My mind is constantly somewhere else. It's kind of a crap shoot as to whether I pay any attention at all to what's here and now, okay? It's not that I'm stupid or anything, it's more like I'm incapable in some very specific areas."

"Like knowing how you got to point B from point A. Maps app?"

"And also, charging my phone," Red murmured, their face turning the colour of their name.

"What got you that distracted?" Blue had to wonder.

"A mathematical formula for proving that white holes exist and then locating them."

Realisation dawned. "Oh, you're one of those kinds of smart people. Do you need a piece of paper and a pen before we move on?"

"Oh, I have those." Red gestured. Showed Blue the page with myopic printing on it that could have been anything at all, really. It contained some really complicated symbols, so it probably was what Red said it was. "It's the batteries and navigation I have trouble with."

"There's an office supplies place right next to the local coffee shop, up the street," Blue gestured the direction. "I could help you make sure you get there and that you're okay to get home. Some of their battery packs come pre-charged, so you'd be cool from there on."

It was ten minutes into the walk that Red said, "What did you mean, I'm one of those kinds of smart people?"

"So far into solving interstellar math that you don't notice the world around you." Blue smirked. "You should devote some of your run cycles to hazard detection at least." They gently guided Red away from another street scooter. "This is the fifth time I've steered you away from trouble."

"Maybe I need someone to keep me out of trouble," Red said.

Blue smiled at the thought. "Asking for volunteers?"

Red turned red again. "Maybe."

They could try it, at least. See if it worked.

[Image (c) Can Stock Photo / jemastock]

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