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In a lab, an avian in a white coat with 'assistant' written on it has got a test tube in each hand while the researcher does her work.
"What is he doing with those test tube?"
"I'm helping Dr Susie !"
"I told him that I needed him to hold those 2 important test tube and that one of them is highly poisonous and the other one is an unstable explosive. He doesn't know that's water."
"Why ?"
"Assistant, give me the explosive one."
The assistant look at each tube, drinks one and after few seconds gives the other.
"Another question?" -- Anon Guest

"Yes. Why?" a general gesture at the avian assistant.

"Well," began Dr Susie, "You know how they say, 'if you can't find it, make your own'?"

"Creating cogniscent life is frowned on, Elba..." sighed Associate Director Vorsh.

"That's why I thought an Augment might be better. He's been vetted and cleared but..." a sigh. "I was wrong about the Augment thing. So now I have a STEM-Qualified assistant animal with an ill-advised approach to science."

"Where other one go?" said the Assistant.

"And a limited memory," added Vorsh.

"Working on it," said Dr Susie. "On the other hand, this is slowing down my research into weaponisable bacteriophages."

Associate Director Vorsh frowned. "How is slowed research a good thing?"

"Well, we don't want them to use that stuff, do we?"

Come to think of it, getting the money to research and develop weaponisable bacteriophages was better than actually having weaponised bacteriophages. In fact, if the research was slow enough, the war might end before they became a thing.

"Carry on," said Vorsh. And, "Good bird."

"I'm helping Dr Susie!"

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