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"[Blank] can't expect us to just cry on command, " Person A muttered. They got a sniffle in reply and when they glanced over the tears were already streaming down person B's face.
"Are you serious?" Person A said.
Person B just grinned at them and choked back a fake sob. -- OohLookShiny

"They don't have much experience with women," Human Jori reminded them. "They operate based entirely off of entertainments, which are full of... regrettable stereotypes."

"Which is why we're wearing pink dresses and fake ponytails?" asked Les.

"I did my best. Honestly. Y'all still look like space marines playing dress-up."

"We are space marines playing dress-up," protested Sam.

And the fact that they were all women had been a superfluous point up until this moment. Jori sighed. "Just. Lighten your voices by half an octave, giggle a lot, bounce a little, and if all else fails, cry. I'm going to try and bullshit the guards. Come up when I gesture for you. Okay?" Jori didn't wait for an answer.

Sam cleared her throat and tried the voice coaching under her breath. She sounded exactly like a space marine pretending to be a little girl. "This is ridiculous," she finally said. "Jori can't expect us to just cry on command."

There was a sniff. A gasping hitch of breath. A hiccough. When Sam looked, Les had tears streaming down her face. Puppy eyes. Trembling lip. An overall pathetic mein about to implode.

"Are you serious?" said Sam.

Les grinned like a true bastard and faked a sob. Then she leaned over and whispered, "The third act of Reasons to Love."

Oh shit. When the puppy was sick and Rilanthe had to tell her daughter and... Sam's eyes were wet. "Thank you, you magnificent asshole," she managed.

"All right, let's clean up. It's showtime."

They hurriedly wiped their faces before tripping gaily towards the guards. Giggling as they went and feeling like traitors to their units.

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RoFL! Marines playing dressup XD Ahh well if it gets the job done? XD

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