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News, or Scandal. Newspapers either publish accounts of what is actually happening or gossip. World situation, local concerns or who has dumped who. Which current 'star' was caught cheating on their partner. With drugs, or just legless drunk. -- Anon Guest

"What's that?" asked the newest Ambassador, G'jok.

"That is the news station. People subscribe there for the news they are interested in."

"News," Ambassador G'jok repeated the new word. "Is...?"

"Information disseminated as a public service. Updates on alliances, wars, commerce, entertainment... the list goes on. If there is something that interests you, you will get new information about it. The news. See?"

Ambassador G'jok considered this. "Is human thing, yes?" Meaning, This is going to be dangerous, I presume.

"It's a human term that caught on, yes," Forsythia allowed. "It's not a solely human concept." This in spite of an updating headline that blared Pernicious Pirates of Pelegasi Purloin Precious Pearl!

"And same-lettering statements?"

"Alliteration sells, unfortunately," sighed Forsythia. At least this one wasn't blood, guts, and death counts. Some news was too disturbing to put on the front page, these days. Not that that stopped the humans-only quarter of the station running hard with the motto, If it bleeds, it leads. And if they didn't have anything bleeding, then it was most likely to be some star of stage or screen who'd been caught with their trousers off.

Ambassador G'jok experimented with the sample app. "This is very interesting. And the idea is free?"

"Yes. The concept is open-source."

Three Standard Months later, Elthoxin, G'jok's native planet, had its very first news service. Which, because of the newness of the idea to his people, was more or less fascinated Elthoxians blogging to the universe at large. And worse, to Forsythia's mind, it was doing phenomenally well.

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