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You’d be surprised at how much stuff you can screw up with 24 hours, the proper motivation, and a screwdriver. -- TheDragonsFlame

Rael glared at the human in his company. "Do you mean literally, as in fasten, or figuratively, as in ruin?"

A devilish grin. "Ruin," said Shayde, already digging into her extradimensional pockets. Not even dragging their contents out into what passed for the light. Finding what she wanted by feel. One tool emerged. A relatively small swiss army knife. "Brilliant."

In the entire Galactic Alliance, there are few sights more fearful than a grinning human bearing a swiss army knife. Especially when they said what he knew Shayde was going to say. "Let's fook shit up."

He'd warned their captors that they were making a grave mistake. They'd laughed at him, of course, not knowing the trouble they were already in. Shayde insisted on playing fair, and let any enemy have half an hour to do any research and then apologise. Which this collection of ne'er-do-wells had not done.

Rael was normally inclined to mercy, but not this time. They had, after all, made his reasonable requests into an excuse for localised misery. Therefore, he said, "Do you happen to have another one of those?"

Shayde produced a multitool with a few more capabilities than hers. "Awreet. Let's make beautiful mayhem together."

There was an entertainment from roughly Shayde's origin era in which a sea cook proceeds to destroy the plans of a group of terrorists, and almost half of the boat he was on at the time. Another in which a policeman from New York becomes a one-man wrecking machine for an entire skyscraper. He had thought both of those plots to be rather on the unreasonable side until he met Shayde.

One human being with enough knowledge and a tool to implement it could wreck a building.

Two JOATs with enough knowledge and access to multitools could wreck an entire criminal organisation. And it didn't even come close to approaching twenty-four hours by the time they were done. Eight, perhaps twelve hours, and their kidnappers were willing to surrender unconditionally.

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