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Exorcist/Psychic: “Oh spirit that dwells in this place, why have you not moved on?”

He says that he wants you to keep him updated on [TV show] since he died before it ended.” -- TheDragonsFlame

It was a nice little house. Cosy without being cramped. Light and airy without being exposed and drafty. It was, in essence, the last place anyone would expect to be haunted. And yet it was.

The living room was always rearranged on Tuesday nights, with the comfiest chair arranged just so and the television angled in almost the same way. There was the smell of popcorn and Jack Daniel's, even though the owner of the house was on a carb-free diet.

Madame Tracy had been called in, and she spotted the phantom in seconds. "Why are you staying here? What business is it that you have unfinished? What is keeping you in this plane?"

The spirit was inaudible to all but her. I gotta catch up with my shows. I have to know what happened.

"What shows?"

All in my Dream House, and What's the Jazz. I can't leave them alone.

Madame Tracy relayed this to David, the current owner. "Well, shit," he said. "I can Tivo those. Just... don't rearrange the living room? You're messing with my Feng Shui."

Just leave the comfy chair in the best spot for me to watch my shows. I'm cool. A ghostly laugh. Dead cold, in fact.

"All that they want is the comfy chair in the best viewing position," said Madame Tracy. "All should be well."

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