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So, about those Deathworlders and their group singing/memetic hazards? -- RecklessPrudence

There were hundreds of human colonial representatives. An even third was busy having a heated argument with a second third, while the rest attempted to argue the other two groups into submission. Any moment, now, blood would be drawn and these savage Deathworlders would fly into a frenzy.

Which would not be good news for the first Ambassadorial Meet that actually welcomed these bloodthirsty, balding apes.

One of the human's assistants rushed up to the moderator. "Play the human anthem over the comms," they uged. "Human anthem! Play it now!"

Moderator Grax boggled at the ex-freighter captain. "There is a human anthem?"

Captain Skaan nodded vigorously, already messing with the control panel and some of their personal devices. "Yes, yes. Universal song. Every human knows." Frantic scrolling. Selection. Play to all.

A chorus invaded Grax's left ear. "Is this the real life...."

Half the humans joined. "Is this just fantasy..."

By the time the ancient words reached the end of, "Caught in a landslide, no escape from reality..." all the humans were singing along. Many even had their hands over their hearts.

"Must let play out for best good feeling," warned Skaan. Also, taking tranq's best advised for Havenworlders. Much frightening."

Grax put that warning out by text, lest the spell be interrupted. Even she took a mild tranquiliser because the effect was that terrifying. Especially when half of them sang the musical interludes. Hundreds of worlds with just this in common.

What would they do if they all decided to band together for another common cause?

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