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Lizards attract mates differently, no flowers etc. So, how do the Amalgam lizards court? One of the local species here climbs to a prominent spot, poses and nods. -- Anon Guest

They called it Crestflare Bridge, and it had an unparallelled view of the Free Table Vendor area below. Tradition held that the tables would never have shaded covers. Because the females of assorted lizard species liked looking on the displaying males as they cruised between vendors.

Even now, centuries after the years when only reptiles and saurians walked the corridors of Amalgam Station, the railings of Crestflare Bridge are kept clear of all but those seeking to impress a mate. Thusly, all the buskers, mimes, and illusionists plying their trade on that bridge are not only single, but also seeking a mate.

Most will even wear some form of signal to indicate what sort of mate they're looking for.

And in the middle of the bridge, where a knot of Security Personnel were clogging foot traffic, Ambassador Shayde was wearing hancuffs and seething in fury so hard that her hair might ignite. Also in the throng was an unsuspecting human male who was busy getting an orbital contusion treated[1].

Rael sidled his way through the throng. "Officer Marken! I swear I only turned my back on her for a minute..."

Shayde, still new to the way everything was run, protested, "I jus' wanted tae play me axe and this [OBSCURE EXPLETIVE] comes up an' puts 'is hand on me arse... O' course I hit him."

Rael almost groaned. This was going to take hours to explain.

[1]: For the less well-read, that means he has a black eye.

[Image (c) Can Stock Photo / n1kcy]

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