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:tail-end of a discussion:
...and mid- to late- 20th century geopolitics still has absolutely nothing to do with Slenderman. How the hell did we get here anyways? -- RecklessPrudence

Info-nets are not always informative. Many take the forum as a means to communicate about whatever they wish to share at the time. Especially the humans. Fortunately, humans also invented the concept of a Moderator, whose job it was to re-train wandering threads, extinguish the flame wars, and hose out the spam.

Interestingly, it's non-humans who make the best Moderators. Humans are more likely to "see where this is going" and let a thread wander into strange new territories. Such impulses are allowed to run wild in the entertainment sub-section, where human verbal antics are observed by intelligences that just can't fathom human comedy.

Humans, however, just call it a typical info-net comms realm. Thousands of voices, talking at once, about whatever subject and side-interest lights up their souls. Some make up fiction. Some make up art. All make up... the collective of human insanity.

A man from a Greater Deregulation rails against equal rights, claiming that women "have done nothing but have babies for all of history". He is subsequently flooded with pictures of women throughout history, their bios, and the things they invented and contributed to. Most of known history is full of them. Others surface from other worlds. The occasional alien attempts to contribute to the ongoing meme. The topic, of course, mutates. Ten pages later, they're talking about the effects of immunisation on pre-shattering and post-shattering cultures, and how Lady Mary Wortley Montagu should have got the credit instead of Edward Jenner.

Within another five pages, the contributors are all gasping at the innate insensibility of the anti-vax movement and the millions of deaths that it caused. After that, it was a debate over which silly human decision killed the most people.

And then an argument about counting the people who went down one-way wormholes and all their descendants who lived and died in deep-time isolation.

And after that, the conversation went into time travel fact versus time travel fiction. At which point, the original poster turned up to wonder how the hell everyone reached that point in the conversation. He was, for the record, told that he and his viewpoints weren't relevant to the thread. No, not even when he posted his original view.

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