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"Nothing says unprofessional like wrinkles in the duct tape." -- RecklessPrudence

Of all the useful concepts and handy inventions that the humans took into space with them, the most widely-dispersed was ductape. It even preceded dogs as an ambassador for humanity. A watertight adhesive patch that could be shaped to suit the user's needs. Cut to demand. Flexible. And infinitely useful.

After a few hundred years, standards for its use grew. Including the quality of the user based on how ze applied it.

"A true professional leaves no wrinkles in the ductape," dictated Dode, his tutor. "Take it slowly. Carefully. You'll get faster with time."

Rael, still learning GalStand, put the practice form into the soaking agent and took up a new dry one. "Work slow, no eat," he said.

"That's changed and you know it," said Dode. "And I'm telling you to be slow. Little bits at a time."

Rael was too used to work-fast-or-starve. He took a sip of the sour mash that the Drongo had donated to his metabolic cause. Calories helped calm him. Centre. Focus. Do.

This time, the practice patch went on without a blemish. Rael vented a sigh of relief and reached for the candied yams. And startled when Dode added a supply of her jubes to his rewards. That was gelatinised sugar, wrapped in more sugar, and augmented with assorted colours and flavourings. The ultimate in flash calories.

"But Rael fail too much," he objected. "Too long fail."

Dode shook her head. "You tried very hard for a long time. That effort needs a reward too."

Rael tried to find the right words. "Not parent company way." He added a tap to the logo on his warm-suit to indicate wich parent company he meant. In this case, it was Wave of the Future, the company that made him and all other Faiize.

"Is freedom way," said Dode, using his own broken GalStand against him. Well. Sort of against him. "Get used to it."

Rael liked the jubes, so he didn't object too strenuously. "Thank you," he said. "Is much hard learning."

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