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The "nanny" in "nanny state" isn't for you. They're to keep the oligarchs from trashing every toy in the nursery and peeing on the ceiling. -- RecklessPrudence

"What this new world needs is the elimination of this Nanny State!"

Those who the government selected to start this world in their own image... reacted exactly as they should. They cheered and hooted and eventually overthrew the people who stood for reason and regulation. Those who stood to gain the most did indeed gain. Those who were not benefitted directly still Believed, with all their hearts, that their ship would come in and they, too, would join the ranks of the elite benefitters.

Such was very rarely the case.

Meanwhile, the oligarchs did what the oligarchs did best, maximising their profits with little care to what happened to anyone else. This worked wonderfully - for them - when the world was new and potentially limitless. The sky could hold endless noxious gasses. The oceans had both endless fish and an endless capacity for liquid runoff. The people had an endless capacity for breeding and their children an endless capacity for working.

It was all about the profit, as far as the eye could see.

People working for such profits went where the money was, and there was no money in blasted land that was rendered toxic by human habitation. There was no profit in rivers thick with sludge. So it became logical to invent demountable towns. They would stand for a decade or two and then move, wholesale, to a new area where the money was, and leave the cleanup to what little nature was left.

When they made a space program, they made it to put wealthy people into an environment where they never had to worry about where their food came from or what their industries did to their air. They were far removed from their actions. Further than they had ever been.

And year by year, they made it increasingly impossible for the people on the ground to make it up to their castles beyond the clouds. Some even denied that there were people on the planet. That there were dangerous plagues and that disease ran rife. As long as the money rolled in, there was nothing to care about.

Deregulation had made them great. Therefore everything was great. And when others came to ask them who they were, what to name them on the Galactic Map, they said, "Greater Deregulation."

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