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They can make it rain, some perform Arcane rituals, some pray. But of course there is the old tried and true methods. -- Knitnan

There's a reason why the Affiliate College of Rainmakers is on a boat. And why the uniform contains rain coats and wellingtons. You don't collect so many Rainmakers in one place without taking precautions. It's only by the third year of attempting control that many students actually achieve it.

Though it is hard to tell without field trips.

Some need specific circumstances to make the rain fall. Some... can't make it stop. The school gets far more of the latter than the former. And one of those was an unlucky soul called Kem. They were in their fourth year at the Affiliate College of Rainmakers, and the rain still fell on them.

At the best, utmost effort, ze could manage a light mizzle. With intermittent sunshine. The effort cost, of course, and by the afternoon, it was pouring on Kem once more. Ze took to standing in the mizzle with a stopwatch, concentrating on the mental gymnastics that kept the mizzle there. Timing hirself so that they could keep track of the time in relative relief.

Plenty of students spent as much time as they could in the sunshine, but Kem was a solar addict. They ran themselves ragged just forcing a little more sunshine out of their abilities. The porters dragged hir back inside when the rain inevitably blotted out the sky.

Administrator Dael came to counsel hir after the third time that Kem made hirself sick from overexertion in the rain. "If you strain too hard, you may kill your ability to control the rain at all."

Kem sighed from hir sickbed, leaning over a healing soup. "Before my gift landed, the two things that cheered me up were sunshine... and the appreciation of others for what I did. Nobody likes the rain."

Administrator Dael smiled. "I think you should take the portal with me to our other campus."

Through that portal was a desert. Of course, it was raining when Kem got there. However, the citizens of the desert town ran towards the portal with cheers and impromptu gifts. Many had embraces for hir.

"Here," said Administrator Dael, "they love the rain."

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