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This is an very rough, unedited revision of another very rough, unedited snippet from a book I'm working on


“I don't think that I am human. I remember my birth. No one else I’ve that I’ve read about can do that. To me it’s as if it were yesterday. My whole life is like that. I remember everything. I can’t NOT remember.”

“I can even remember before I was born....kinda. I have voices in my head. They talk to me.”


Jon: You can remember OUR birth don’t you mean?
Lee: No. It was MY birth.You didn’t come along until two years later.
Jon: Two and a half..but just be that way. You’re hogging the body. I want to do stuff too.
Lee: Too bad, so sad. I need it. I’m writing my memoirs. Now if you don’t mind?
Jon: like we even have memoirs? We’re only eleven years old goofy. What do you expect me to do? I’m not sleepy. I want to go outside and play.
Lee: No. I’m writing. I can’t do that with the body outside. You’ll probably want to climb the rigging or something.
Jon: YES! Excellent idea. Let’s go!
Lee: NO! I can’t write from the crows nest.
Amira: nice. Don’t make me come out there!
Lee-Jon: Yes mommy.
Amira: Work out a compromise. You might not like it if I have to.
Lee-jon : Yes mommy. We’ll be good.
Lee: Ok listen. I’ll share. You can have the mouth, ears and one eye. I’m not using them. But I’m keeping control of one eye, both arms and both legs. Now leave me alone. OK?
Jon: Ok..but you owe me


Garth was sitting nearby reading. His daughter was sitting at a computer typing like mad.

“Dad?” His daughter said.

“What’s that dear?” Garth replied.

“Could we talk?” She asked “Lee is hogging the body again and I’m bored.”

“ Certainly dear.” Garth put down his tablet and moved his chair closer to where she was sitting. “What do you want to talk about?”

“Tell me a story?” Jon asked.

“What kind of story?” Garth replied.

“Tell me about how you met mom.” Jon said.” I never get tired of hearing that one.”


Amira: He’s so sweet. I love him too. I’ll just hang out with you and listen in.
Jon: Okay mommy. I’d like that. You can tell me the juicy parts that he always glosses over or leaves out


“I understand my dear. I miss her too.” A tear came to Garth’s eye. His girl never tired of listening to him speak about her mother.”

Amira: I miss you too dear,but my aim is getting better. I’ll keep trying.

Garth couldn’t hear her speak. The time wasn’t right for Amira to reveal her true self to him yet. Garth was dealing very well with her daughter’s mental condition she thought. She didn’t want to stress him out and endanger that. She didn’t want him to mess up. That would be bad. She’d think of a way to break the news to him, eventually..she was sure of that.

Garth retold the tale of how he had met Amira..

“ The first time I saw your mother was a dark and dreary night on the docks of city far away and many years ago. I was returning to the ‘Rover’, after spending some time in the city. I’d stayed out later than I had intended to and it was after dark. Walking alone on the docks of any city, especially like the one I was in, is not a good idea. Just before I reached Rover I heard the sound of gunfire and screams

Gunfire on the docks at night wasn’t uncommon. A drug deal gone wrong perhaps? Normally I would have ignored it and continued on my way. Not my business. Most times poking your nose into other peoples business is not a good idea. It can end badly. Especially where I was.

Against my better judgement I walked around A shipping container to behold your mother in action. She was being attacked by several men. She was surrounded and very much outnumbered. Foolishly I moved closer. I had no idea what I could do. Hand to hand combat is not my thing. I had no gun, no weapon of any kind. Still...possibly I might be of some help to her. It seemed like the gentlemanly thing to do.

I needn’t have bothered. She could take care of herself very well. She was dancing like a dervish. I’d never seen a fighting style like the one she was using before not that I was an expert by any means. The men never got within several feet of her, their guns had no effect. Yet she was doing them grievous harm.

As I watched I couldn’t believe my eyes. When she gestured toward one man his hand fell off. Another lost his head. One was split in two from the crown of his head to the middle of his chest.

It was very odd. I would swear that I could see long ,barely visible, whips lashing out, or perhaps lightning , from the slender cylinders she had in each hand. Surely not. It must have been a trick of the light.


Jon: Lightning? Can you do that?
Amira: Well yeah. Kinda
Jon: Can you teach me?
Amira: Certainly, when you get a little bit older.
Jon: Can I throw lightning at Lee?
Amira: JON!
Jon: I’m only kidding


Fascinated. I moved closer. How was she doing that?

Soon the men had had enough. The craven cowards turned in panic and ran right over me. I fell and must have hit my head. I blacked out for a moment. When I woke up I was laying on my back, head in your mother’s lap and staring into her eyes.


Amira: That’s a small fib. He was staring at my boobs. I’d adjusted my blouse so that he could see them quite well. Men always look at women’s boobs. It’s a power we have over them.

“I fell in love at that moment.”

Amira: Another small fib. He actually fell in lust. Not his fault really. I encouraged it wantonly. I had high hopes for the lust to morph into love. It did so rather quickly I might add.

“Thank you.” She told me.

“For what? I asked her. “I didn’t do anything.”

“It was the thought that counts.” she said gently.

“I have a lot of thoughts.” I thought to myself.” Some very interesting one’s at the moment, involving you and I in a bed.”

She smiled as if she knew what I was thinking.

“You Rascal.” She said gently. “ Oddly enough I was thinking very much the same thing. Fighting for one’s life does tend to stir up the hormones a bit doesn’t it?”

I blushed furiously. “Did I say that out loud? I most humbly beg your pardon. It must have been the blow to my head. I’m not normally so forward.”

She giggled “ Think nothing of it. I take it as a great compliment”

Then she rubbed her hand leg.” “Oh! You are happy to see me. Or is that a roll of coins in your pocket?”

Amira : fib. It wasn't his leg that I was rubbing.

“Oh no mum” I stammered. I only have loose change in my pockets.”

“Something definitely wants to be loose” she grinned mischievously.”That must be very uncomfortable”

I stammered and stuttered and made a fool of myself. It was a very awkward moment.

“I’m being very evil aren’t I?” She asked “I’ll quit teasing you if you insist.”


Amira: I was being as evil as I could. Actually I was heroically restraining myself from tearing his clothes off and taking him right there on the pavement.

“” I managed to say “No. Actually I rather like it.”

“You do?” she smiled “Perhaps we can go somewhere a bit more private?”

“I’d like that very much” I admitted.” Er..I just happen to have a sailboat nearby. I was heading toward her when I heard the gunshots.”

“Oh I just love boats” She smiled seductively.” I love the rocking motion. It lulls me to sleep. I assume it has a bed?”

“ Well yes.” I admitted. “ A rather large one in fact.”

“That settles it then” she smiled again.” Let’s get to it .”

She was teasing me. I liked it. She made me feel like a much younger man. I attempted to stand. Didn’t happen. My leg was broken. Damn thing. It was always doing that.

Amira: I wasn’t teasing him at all. I was serious.

When I stumbled she caught me. She was incredibly strong for such a small woman.

“Fell for me again did you?” She said.
“Uh...” I said.”yes and no.”

“ A very direct answer.” she said.

“What I meant to say was that yes. I’ve fallen madly in love with you. Odd that. I don’t know anything about you. We’ve never even kissed” I blurted. I blushed furiously.”I’m...I’m I....”

“I can fix that right now.” she smiled and kissed me. It was unlike anything I’d ever encountered, not that I’d kissed or been kissed by many women. I did rather poorly around beautiful women and your mother was gorgeous. You mother, when she wanted to, had more sex appeal in one finger, while fully dressed, than a whole roomful of naked women combined.”


Amira: so sweet of him to say so. Don’t you think so Jon?
Jon: I’ll never get rid of that visual.
Amira: You’ll get used to it dear. Best to learn to weaponize your assets early. I certainly did. I was much younger than you when I had to learn. It was a matter of self defense

Sometime later I came up for air. She was holding me with no apparent effort. I liked it rather well.

“What was the ‘no’?” she asked.
“Oh that” I answered “It’s this damn fake leg. It’s what caused me to fall. Cheap thing. I’m always damaging it. I rarely wear it when on board my boat.

“No problem. I can carry you back to your boat, like a baby, your head on my breast?” She whispered in my ear.

“As much as I’d like that” I mourned “ I don’t think it would work. I surely could not twist my head around that far, though I’d certainly give it a try. Probably break my neck and people might talk.”

She laughed out loud. “Oh the horror. People talking about me. Ok. You can lean on me while we walk. I’ll support you and try to not make it very obvious.”

“Yes mum” I said. We did that. It went very well except for that damned leg. It was dragging sideways. The knee joint was broken, perhaps the ankle too.”

“Damn leg.” I muttered.

“It adds to the effect.” she murmured. “Don’t worry about it.”

We encountered a policeman just as we were boarding. He appeared unexpectedly.

“I say” he said “Are you two alright?”

“I sprained my ankle.” Your mother told him “My husband is helping me.”

He looked at my mangled leg, then at hers, then shook his head

”Some sprain.” he said “but ok...if you say so. Have a good night.”

He turned as if to leave then thought better of it. He turned back to us.

“ more thing.” he asked “I hate to be a bother but might I ask you a question?”

“Certainly officer.” Your mother smiled “ What can we help you with?”

“There seems to be a rather large number of dead men over there.” He pointed. “You wouldn’t happen to know anything about it would you?”

I shook my head. “No..can’t say as I do. What happened?”

“Oddest thing I’ve ever seen.” he said “ Body parts and blood everywhere, some of which were charred rather badly.”

“One of those immigrant grooming gangs perhaps?.” he smiled ruefully at us. “It would appear that they encountered some one who didn’t care to be bothered. I certainly wouldn’t want to annoy such a person myself.”

He continued to appraise us for a moment then said “I for one don’t approve of the the Grooming Gangs. I’d say they had it coming. It was likely self defense on the part of whom ever they attacked.”

He was silent for another moment. “There might be more of them. You wouldn’t want to meet them. Very dangerous people they are.”

“Yes officer.” your mother said.” We’ll be casting off shortly. ”

“It seems my country has become very dangerous lately.” He lamented “It wasn’t always like this. “

“We understand” I said “Our condolences.”

“Well I won’t detain you any longer.” he tipped his hat. “Have a nice trip. I understand that the Greek Islands are very nice this time of year.

He left.

“Oddly enough I had intended to do that very thing.” I said as your mother carried me across the boarding ramp while hold me in her arms. I was tempted to do as she had suggested earlier but I refrained.”

“The Greek islands?” she asked.

“Well no.” I replied “No there, but I was leaving. I really don’t know where to go. Somewhere else.”

“I’ve never been to ‘somewhere else’” she said “ Sounds interesting. May I come with you?”

“Certainly.” I said cheerfully.“ I had hoped that you would. It would be my great pleasure.”

“I certainly intend to cause you GREAT pleasure” she said as she held me easily with one arm and opened the hatch.”I’ve been reading a lot of cheap romance novels. I know what to do.”

While carrying me into the cabin, She undressed me. When I was completely naked she sat me on the side of the bed and kneeled before me.

“It’s so big.” she marveled

“ Yeah..I think that’s part of the problem” I replied. I think they fitted me with an artificial leg that was the wrong size.”

“I may be able to do something about that. I have some modest talents” she said as she unfastened the shattered leg and tossed it away.“ Perhaps I can fix it.....later.”

“Now I’m going to fix you.” she smiled as she slowly and seductively undressed before me. She wasn’t teasing me any longer. She was serious.”

Amira: Men are very visually oriented . They’re putty in our hands. Younger ones especially. They tend to think with the little head between their legs rather than the larger head on their neck

She was the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen. I’ve said that before I think. It bears repeating.

She climbed into the bed , lay beside me, and stroked my seductively. It felt wonderful. I groaned with pleasure.

Amira: Actually I was stroking something else. But you know that. He has a big one.
Jon: Another visual I’ll never forget. Thank you mom


Her father continued after a brief moment of pleasant reflection.

“I’ve read rather a lot of Romances. I think I said that earlier?” She whispered in my ear. “I know the theory although I’ve never put any of it into practice before now. I intend remedy that oversight. ”

Amira: actually at that time I’d spent countless hours in my personal VR cavorting with my boy-toy sex-bots. In fact it’s time I introduce you and your sister to them.

His daughter had stopped typing. Both of her personalities were listening to Garth speak.

Jon: I thought you said I could have the ears.
Lee: So sue me. I meant to say that you could have one ear.
Amira: Now girls..
Jon: Go Away, you’re busy remember?
Lee: But I want...
Amira: Girls..that’s quite enough
Jon: I’s all about you isn’t it? Always what YOU want.
Lee: but...
Jon: I said go away. Mom and I are bonding

“What happened/don’t interrupt/you’re not the boss of me/ I’m listening to the story/ well I missed the first part/yeah you hogged the body is why.”

Lee-Jon was having an argument with herself.

“Whoa! Whoa!” Garth laughed. It was hilarious when Lee-Jon did this. The two minds competed for use of the same voice. They talked over each other a lot.

“That’s all you really need to know about” Garth told his daughter.” You would’t be interested in the sticky details. In fact I may have been a bit too graphic, I’m sure I was.”

‘Ewwwww’ Lee-Jon said holding her hands over her ears “TMI!”

Amira: That’s good girls. Make him underestimate you. Practice on your father. He’s safe. You may need the skill later in less secure situations.

“I notice that the wind has calmed down. The sea is like glass. It’s fairly warm too.” Garth said, acting as a peace maker.” How about you girls go climb around in the rigging if you want too. I bet you can see a long ways from the crow’s nest. Later I might take you for a spin in the dinghy.”

The girl agreed. Playing in the sunshine was MUCH more important than anything else they could think of at the moment.
She headed for the hatch.

“GIRLS!” Garth spoke. There was an edge to his voice. He was serious now.

“What?” Lee-Jon replied timidly.

Amira: Forgot didn’t you? I did it all the time, on purpose. It drove him wild.

“Remember what I said” Garth reminded them. “If you see anything but ocean, birds or sea-life, you’re to go inside immediately and put some clothes on!.”

“Yes daddy.” they replied.


Lee: I don’t like clothes.
Jon: Me neither. They itch. .
Amira: That’s my girls. I didn’t either. But you have to do as he says. He’s the man of the house. He likes to feel like he’s in charge. Trust me. You don’t want anything to do with Soy-boys or Girlie-men. They are incapable of being properly trained.


Hours later they returned. Garth took a shower and went to bed. He wasn’t a spring chicken any longer. He got tired a lot faster than Lee-Jon did.

Lee wasn’t tired, Jon had already gone to sleep. Lee had the body all to herself again, except for mother and her daemons. She returned to writing her memoir.

Lets see...where was I?” Lee thought “Dammit...I lost my train of thought.”

Lee reread what she’d written while Jon had been listening to their Dad.

“Two voices in particular , my mother and my sister Jon. There are other voices, the Daemons, they teach me.”

“But I digress. I remember my birth. I remember my dad holding me in his arms, She’s beautiful” my father said.

“I want to hold her” My mother replied

“Certainly” Dad handed me to mom. She held me and looked down at my face. I looked up but not at her face. I was looking at the breakfast bar, mom’s boobs. Erect nipples dripping milk. Just inches away. I was HUNGRY.

“She’s adorable” I heard mom say. I began to wiggle ”She’s perfect.”

My father nodded.

I struggled harder. They could talk later. I wanted FOOD NOW!

Mom finally moved me so that I could reach the object of my desire She arranged me so that my mouth was near a nipple. I latched on and I sucked it hard.

Amira: You certainly did suck hard. That’s a good skill to have. It can definitely come in handy later. Keep working on it. Practice sucking a golf ball thru a garden hose.

I drank until I was full, then fell asleep at the tit, only to wake up and do it again.

I was a growing girl. I needed my milk!

“That’s very nice” My mother had said “You’re just like your father, always looking at my boobs and reaching for them. I like that about him. ”

She smiled at my father. “Boobs are for babies and men. They feed the babies and make men act like babies. “

“Is that so?.” My father reached for mom’s tits. She slapped his hand.

“Bad boy.” she said, swatting his hand“wait your turn.”

The small girl continued to write late into the night. She went to sleep in the chair and didn’t wake up when his father carried her to bed.

Garth thought about reading what his daughter had written but decided that would be an invasion of her privacy. Perhaps someday he’d be given permission to read it but today wasn’t that day, and he wasn’t going to ask her anytime soon. be continued...maybe..............

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Hope you like it.

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Not bad! I can't figure out why Lee and Jon need to be separate people though. Did I miss an installment of this writing from and earlier post?
Also, this can't be fiction. Everything the story says about men/boobs is hard-wired scientific fact. :)


the reason for the split personality is yet to be revealed.
you din't miss a part..this is a revision of what I posted earlier.
and you're correct. it's not fiction.


Lol, can't wait for the next installment.


Hard-wired, yes indeed ;-)


!gif tits

Plasma Whips...

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