LOVE FlOWS[Episode 1 ]

in fiction •  last year  (edited)


No no its not. True .precious screamed as she tore the wedding card, how could Derrick do this to her .

She love him with all her heart he was her first love , boyfriend and. Everything she could ever dream of. Derrick betrayed her trust and her love for him.

This was the same guy that broke up with her yesterday and he his tying the knot tomorrow with their MD daughter tears filled her eye's

Its okay dear .I can't believe you are crying over a split milk joy said as she clean her eyes .
but joy this mess is frustrating .

Come here joy said as she tried to calm her down. Precious quickly prepared herself as she went to the wedding hall. They are different people of different walk of life . She walk slowly as tears filled her eye's once more .her eyes are swollen ,cause she was unable to sleep last night . She could see Derrick smiling at Rachel as he inserted the ring into her fingers.
What did I do to you? Or where did I ever Go wrong? She could feel her head spinning

Precious gave Derrick a slap , before collapsing to the floor .

The church was in commotion as everybody was whispering one thing or the other. Joy rushed to the alter ,calling her friend name . soon the ambulance was. At the church premise , they put precious in the stretcher as they wheeled her inside the ambulance.

It's been some months after the incident ,precious was recovery from the shock slowly .she still can't believe it was over between Derrick and her. She still can't believe she gave him her heart .

Desmond was a guy of 27 he was a graduate and. A popular musician , he was very popular that his song was selling fast. Desmond was a rude guy.though he was caring .but not to ladies cause he hates everything about them .that include relationship.

He has always wave off the idea of dating .that most people think he was a. Gay and can never fall in love.
He hate everything about love or relationship , cause of his past .he could still remember vividly on how his mum left his dad for another rich man. Just because his father was poor , this made his father to commit suicide it was a painful death and that incident have built a wall around his heart.
Desmond has vow never in his life to trust any woman .he never cared to look for his mother for he has been leaving with is grandfather , who pass away some years ago. So he has been leaving a lonely life of I don't care.

Precious was working with MAJESTY company, she work as a reporter there .
One day her boss told her to prepare her self for they will be travelling to Abuja for a show case, she accepted the offer willingly cause she has been waiting for an opportunity like this one .
Desmond on his path was also summoned ,by the MD of his company ,

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