SHORT STORY: Holy Financial Catechlysm

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**Note: The following letter (6 pages) was discovered folded inside a bible bearing the name "Cardinal Mackey". The bible was sitting in the second pew, far left-hand side in St. Mary's Church (Philadelphia, PA USA). It is fair to assume that this was Cardinal Mackey's personal bible and that the letter (including the hand-written notes and scribbles on the letter) were Cardinal Mackey's as well. I haven't attempted to contact Cardinal Mackey as of yet.

Thanks to @serste for permission to use her artwork

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At first, I couldn't believe what I was reading. I am tempted to translate this one to Italian and share it with my catholic country!

I am so happy about this collaboration, you really surprised me, @danielshortell !

Thank you!

Yeah, I'm not so tempted to share this with my Irish Catholic family, don't reckon I'll get many high fives from them :|

Anyway, this whole project didn't exactly work the way I anticipated. Feels under-baked and overwrought. Plus, the documents just don't present well/not easy to read given the limitations of the platform (screw you Earth and multiverse!) Wait a minute, hold my drink if you wouldn't mind @serste while I shit all over my own work. (Like I said earlier, at least the art looks fantastic!)

Yikes, time to go bang head against wall again, see what leaks out.

You know what? Take the time you need to produce a version that suits your standards! There's a lot of paintings that took me YEARS to abandon.
Your tale filled my mind with images, and I would really love to sketch something: right now I'm busy looking for a 'real' job, but I hope for a new equilibrium soon!

Hmmm, wrote the original in 2011...never sounded right to me. Came back this year to revisit, thinking I had a way to bend it to my liking, but no dice. If it can stimulate a new thought or two in a couple people, then that should be good enough.

I like the idea of new equilibrium - it sort of presupposes that the idea of actual equilibrium is nonexistent, therefore we choose to accept fleeting moments of a false perception as reward for a struggle toward a non-actual.

Good luck on your search :)

But still, I want to share with you the work of an old master of oil and satire: Andrea Landini.
He too was a bit critical with the Roman Catholic Church. Here's one of his works, 'The marry prelates'

It's a great piece...certainly captures that jovial breeziness one feels when not bogged down with concerns, earthly, heavenly or otherwise ;)

Your margin notes are just...perfection. Thank you for the laugh this morning.

Thanks @teva.tomey, glad you got a chuckle.