#fiat can & will buy all #cryptocoins eventually; its main problem seems to be how to embrace #crypto 's properties but #CENTRALIZED

in fiat •  9 months ago  (edited)

#fiat is already inside #crypto as investor. Nothing surprising about this since #fiat has all the money. But, #fiat seems to want all the benefits of the blockchain without the distributed, decentralized, characteristics that make the blockchain the blockchain.
That is not going to work, imo. Because, what this means is that if the distributed, decentralized, properties are removed, then what remains is a kind of glorified #database with a lot of buzz-blockchain-marketing illusion marketing-copy. It seems, at this point, that traditional #fiat finance institutions want "status quo" financial industry but with the benefits of the blockchain. What is developing is #crypto being taken over by #fiat money, but without changing the #fiat failures of the past. What is needed is an "Apple Co" of #crypto ; a new company interested in serving all those human beings that #fiat failed previously.

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