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Hello Steemians!

I'm in a Contests mood as you can see from my previous posts and I want to add another entry. As you liked my Owl and other photos from my small trip to local zoo I though I will give her a bit more love and try to fix this ugly bokeh issue you can see on previous post. It's an outcome of shooting trough a tight cage. It's not visible in front because I used quite long lens (100mm) but it's start to be noticeable in back. To fix this I open photo in photoshop and using Wet Brush i manually fix most ugly places. I also add a little sharpness and zoom in on that lovely owl, as I could not come closer with my camera (because of the cage I mentioned before). I think I will come to zoo again, those animals are sooooo cute :)


Canon 5d mk IV + Canon 100mm 2.8IS, used Capture One and Photoshop :)

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No ci powiem super i z taką ogniskową to chyba też siedziałeś na tej gałęzi ;)


Nie no to z zoo zdjęcie z małej klatki, a gałąź na wysokości moich oczu :) To moja najdłuższa ogniskowa zresztą! W życiu bym nie zrobił takiego zdjęcia w dziczy, tu ustępuje lepszym jak np. Tobie :)