WE LOVE ANIMALS Photo Contest by @flamingirl - Day One

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Here is my entry for Day One of @flamingirl’s We Love Animals photo contest.

These beautiful squirrel monkeys are almost daily visitors to the trees outside my house in the jungle of Costa Rica. They hang out in big groups and come by looking for food in the fruit trees. On this occasion they stopped to eat ice-cream beans. They are delicious fruits with big black seeds and a white outer fleshy part that tastes just like vanilla ice-cream. A favourite fruit of mine too. This was shot with my Canon Powershot SX60 HS.


Proof of photography from the same shoot....


Good luck to everyone taking part in this awesome contest and thanks @flamingirl for hosting another wonderful contest! ❤️

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Excellent photography my friend. The monkey looks so cute.


Thanks very much for your support and comment 🌈🌴🦋💛

So cute! I would be gobbling those up if I were him, too. Yum! ;)


Thanks so much ,he is very lovely .... as are those ice cream beans 😉

What a great shot man...u have nailed it
All the best

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Thank you so much for that awesome comment 🦋💛🌴🌈

My goodness, what a cute little squirrel monkey! How lucky you were to get these shots. I love his little fuzzy hands!

Wishing you luck in the contest!


Thanks so much @gardeningchef - I love his little hands too 😂

Wow what a great and funny photo! I wish you luck!


Thanks very much for your support! 🦋🌈💛🌴❤️


You're welcome

Cute monkey and awesome shot. Look at these little fingers! 😀
Wish you best of luck with the contest!


Thanks @nelinoeva he has the cutest fingers I agree! Have you entered the contest too? 🦋🌈💛🌴❤️

This ape photo is very beautiful, perfect shot and congratulations for you because it was chosen as No. 1 for today


Thanks very much 🌈🍀🦋🌴💛

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Thanks 🦋🌈🌴💛

The first photo of the monkey is perfect :D :D it's so adorable and cute :D :D