My entry for the "WE LOVE ANIMALS - PHOTO CONTEST" by @flamingirl (Day 4)

in fg-photocontest •  7 months ago


Hello everyone!

I am back today with my first entry to @flamingirl's We Love Animals Contest. It runs for a week and I believe today is Day 4, so there is plenty of time left if you have some animal photos to submit!

It was a hard task to choose what to enter but in the end I settled on this photo of my cat, taken in my poly tunnel in the garden. When he spots me going in there he will almost always follow me inside - if he's not chasing bugs he will find a good spot to snooze in while he keeps me company. I have to keep an eye on where he's sitting so as to not water him along with my plants!

As requested proof, here is a screenshot of the photos from this shoot:


It's great fun to enter in these sorts of contests, thank you @flamingirl for hosting! I wish all contestants the best of luck :D


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Haha What a gorgeous fluff photo!! Good luck in the contest. Upvoted and resteemed. 🌴🌈🦋💛🍀❤️


Thank you @sallybeth23! He is a very cute fluff indeed ;)

Hi GC,
What a BEAUTIFUL photo ... I have been zooming into the amazing fur of your awesome cat - brilliant - what a character!

Upvoted and resteemed :D


Hey @icedrum! Having such a gorgeous cat certainly makes photo taking easy ;) he's an amazing character!

Thanks for your support :D

I love this picture, I had to resteem it to keep it, I have three cats, non as adorable as this one though ❣️


Haha glad you like the photo @lildebbiecakes and thank you for the resteem! My kitty is very cute I must say 😉 I'd love to see your three fluffs!


I’ll send you a picture of them some time, I’ll have to get them all together in a group ❣️