Adelaide Steem Christmas BBQ December 14th 2019

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r7qx70uy1y.jpg@mattclarke, @shaidon, @ctrpch, @thevillan

Dark blue skies once again meet my gaze as I looked up, waiting impatiently and eagerly for @thevillan to pick me up from the train station. It’s a 45 minute drive from where we were to get to Angus Neil Reserve in Seacliff, South Australia.

After only a few minutes of me being there, he pulled up in his red car and we were soon discussing which items needed to stored in his massive esky and which could be left out before we were soon on our way.

r98eechkks.jpgPlenty of drinks and ice blocks for everyone!

Along the way we discussed all things Steem-related, and how awesome the weather was. We stopped off to get some sausages and some plastic plates and cutlery. You can never have enough of the essentials!

Once again we were back on the road...

rsfb74v71t.jpgHe’s a good driver, honest!

The above photo was shot just we turned around the corner and I thought it was funny. Steem needs more humour in it don’t you think? @thevillan is genuinely a good driver.

Pretty soon we could see signs that we were nearing Semaphore Beach.

hnjlv1qxgl.jpgA perfect blue sky means a great day for a BBQ.

Upon arrival we were greeted by @mattclarke, who had paid for these huge blocks of ice with rope through one end. I’d never seen them before but they make great sleds for grassy areas with hills.
It’s fun coming down the hill, but soon you have to drag it up the hill again. :)
Who needs a gym membership? Lol.

9pcsymiax2.jpgIce sledding on grass with ice blocks.

Pretty soon it was time to cook the meat, making sure of course that the meat was defrosted long before it hit the hot plate.

os26a9fq1y.jpg@holoz0r and @thevillan at the electric BBQ

The BBQs are free and run on electricity. You just hold down the button for a few seconds and it heats up and stays on before switching off automatically after 20 minutes. @holoz0r reckons that the best way to clean a BBQ is with half an onion. Not sure of that myself, but it seems to work once you get rid of the excess burnt stuff and leaves from the previous users.

Everyone had a turn at cooking, and as I am not the most accomplished chef, I chose to cook Sizzle Steaks.

lpvk3bohne.jpgSizzle Steaks

enx9evf3u1.jpgCooking sausages

jq0z3gse63.jpgThe finished product. Mine’s the one in the middle

We moved from an area with palm trees, to a sheltered area and laid out a really nice spread of food.

6o5q3xzlzf.jpgThe spread, close to toilet facilities.

j9fgrdz6qn.jpgSome delicious coleslaw.

@mattclarke also brought some of the best marinated steaks I had ever tasted. They might not look like much from the photo, but believe me they were awesome.

73dm2cjme1.jpgThe best marinated steaks ever!

After everyone had a fantastic feed, @holoz0r offered to take photos @ctrpch and myself near his Steemit Mobile. The licence plates are going to be retired soon.

k8wkywqipy.jpgRepresenting Steem and Splinterlands at the same time.
Any chance to show off my Rexxie cap, really.

All up, including kids, I counted 18 people, which I think is one of the biggest attendances of Steem meetings I have heard of.

@thevillan, @ctrpch, @holoz0r, @mattclarke, @henryclarke, @fletcherclarke @evelynclarke @amandaclarke @minismallholding @sviltaangel @izzydawn @ursa to name the Steemians I could remember. And I know probably about 4 more who couldn’t attend.

Soon it was time to leave, as the weather soon turned a little chilly and the wind picked up and no one really wanted to leave. It was a great day out and everyone was a little bit more informed and on the same page about the future of Steem and their individual plans on how to make 2020 a great year for Steem, Steemians and crypto in general.

I can’t wait for next year!

From this page to yours, I hope you had a great Christmas and have a Happy New Year 2020!

See you in the kitchen...!

Shaidon’s Seasonal Seal Of Approval


haha when you have been a delivery driver for a few years, you naturally become a good driver.
Was a good day :)

I never did get to try those steaks.

They were amazing! (Sorry to rub it in...) LOL.
You'd have to ask @mattclarke where he got them from.

It used to be 'The Gawler River Cattle Company' but now its 'The Steak Shoppe' on Beach Rd in Christies Beach. I think they have other branches around the city.

Excellent. Were they pre-marinated?

Yes that's exactly how they came out of the shop. I really liked them too, to be honest. Incredibly tender and the marinade was subtle.

That will have to be on the list for whenever I go to the next BBQ.

Man I gotta stop missing these events, the grub and drinks looks great - the Ice Rope idea looks a blast!

The food was amazing, but it's the ideas that we share that make the meetings special.
And yeah, I'd never heard of it and I haven't been able to find anything similar online.

This is the footage I was taking in your photo.

How very meta. Steem-ception. A post within a post,etc.

Struggling to embed gifs though

Great meetup!!! Happy holiday guys!!!!

I love the monthly meet ups that we have, I learn so many tips and tricks from everyone.
This was meant to be the Team Australia Christmas Party it because the price of Steem dropped so much, it has meant that people weren’t willing to make a long weekend out of it.

I do hope things improve somewhat next year. I am starting to get ideas for what I can do to generate more Steem. :)

I think the first thing is that I need to stop being so perfectionist with everything and just start uploading more videos to DTube. Maybe even daily videos. I am not sure.

Those meetups look like fun XD and a relatively quiet area too?

Humour doesn't go astray in most places (including steem) XD

Yes, they can be! The price of Steem has meant that people aren’t willing to sell it for cash (but we can set our price at the point of exchange) but generally we have a good time, catch up and discuss tips and tricks with whatever is going on in Steem.

Ice sledding... what a freaking awsome idea!!!!! Sad about your plates though..

It was more of a preventative measure. There were plenty of plates.
But yeah, I'd never heard of Ice sledding before.

Now that looks like some fun right there!! Shorts?!?! Ya, I ain’t gonna be wearing those for a while around here. Lol. How cool is that to see a group of Steemians getting together and enjoying some food and good times. Great to have you around the food fight arena.


Thank you. The FFF community was one of the things keeping me here.

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Looks like an epic time! I’ve never seen anything like the ice-block sledding before, but it looks like fun! Glad to see some STEEMians get together for an awesome day. Wish I could join :)

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The only criteria is that you know what Steem is, apart from that everyone is more than welcome to join.

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Great Food, good weather , outdoors and steemian friends - nothing wrong right there!

Congrats! on your upvotes from the IBT Community

Your contenders have evolved into such a personable blog—it’s been fun watching this evolve.

Congratulations on the reward, @shaidon, well deserved my Aussie mess maker friend. Good luck in round 75, happy New Year sir.

Thank you for your encouraging comments. Without this community I would have left Steem a long time ago. But I am feeling somewhat renewed with the technology advancements, eSteem, Splinterlands and so on.

I am going to be doing a whole lot of stuff on the block-chain throughout 2020, and I should hopefully be a dolphin before the end of the year.

This is an inferior version for a Tasteem competition:

But I am going to make the blog posts far more inviting to the reader. Thank you once again.

Looks like it was a really wonderful day.
Wishing you a very happy and healthy New Year @shaidon

Thank you very much, it really was. Happy New Year to you too!

That face says it all, good driver??? That was a very successful local Steem gathering indeed with so many attending! Those ice blocks are quite something, perfect for a hot summer's day, I've never seen that before. The onion trick is used here by many! Nothing beats a good marinade not so;)
Happy 2020 to you and yours @shaidon!

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Thank you @lizelle. Yes, he was a good driver, I thought me pulling a scared face would funny so I made it into a joke. I hope that 2020 is a fantastic year for you too!