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RE: ~FFF~ Round 24 🧁 🥊 🥬 🥊 🥂 ~01/04/18~

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howdy sir dandays! haha! an outrageously entertaining post! so funny. you're brilliant, so many others are brilliant and so funny. It's like steemit was made for you!


@dandays??? Who’s he? All I know is that LA livin’ Dude is sportin’ a man-thong in Central America by about now. LOL
Alright here is the deal, we gotta get a vote from you, things are tight....Who is your people’s champ for round 24.


This is @jlsplatts by the way, @dandays made the post but I am responding. Maybe we need to come up with some sort of signature at the bottom...hmmmm... ok back to the subject...@dandays, @weirdheadaches and I run @foodfightfriday. This is our food fun project. So what did you have for dinner this week??? I’m expecting to see some sort of food post tomorrow. I know you and @dandays have discussed this before. 😉😉

haha! well sir, this foodfightfriday thing has always confused my simple redneck thinking! Now I know who else is involved, thank you and nice to meet you! And dandays is in Costa Rico by now..very interesting!
I'm recharging my voting power for a couple of days so I can restart my voting strategy and use some auto voting so I don't have any vote to offer at the moment.

As far as food, I'm not a food guy although I marvel at all the fabulous and creative dishes you all come up with! Myself, I have a Spartan diet with my Keto eating plan. So I wouldn't wait to see a food post from me anytime soon. lol.Thank you so much for getting back to me!

Keto is allowed here. Anything food is allowed, even "heres a piece of lettuce i ate".

You can still vote for a contender. Example #4 or whatever hits your fancy.

Thanks for stopping by @janton

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