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Well who would of thought with my love of peanut butter, jelly, and Bananas that I have never in my 30 some odd years of life combined all of these items on a sandwich. Well the other day at work was the day. I just happened to have a jar of peanut butter, a small container of Smuckers strawberry jam that I confiscated from a restaurant, 2 pieces of bread, and a banana in my lunch box... Voila! Enjoy fff peeps!






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Ahh yeeeaah!! I’ve made a PB&J with banana before, recently actually, but you know what? I had Oreos on mine. 😉

Great entry, @cleopatra, it’s always a pleasure to hang out with you on Fridays!

Hahaha, i forgot about the oreos omg

Hey, @cleopatra54.

I'm trying to remember now if I've had this combination before or not. I've had peanut butter by itself, peanut butter and jam, and peanut butter and banana. Anyway, I need to try this, if your happiness level is any indication.

Oh, and regarding the other comment from last time, no worries. We all have our own lives and many other things will take priority over getting back to me in a timely manner. :) It's just cool to have so many participants in #fff. :)

Yes I highly recommend it, lol :D

This would be a @Dandays dream sandwich. I once tried to make him a variation of that but using plantains. I didn’t fry them, they were just cut raw and with the added Oreo I thought the sandwich would be a hit. He said it was disgusting. Haha… now we know, must fry the plantains to tastiness. Happy food fight @cleopatra54!


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