Food Fight Friday, poke bowl

in fff •  5 months ago

I met a guy this week who is from Hawaii. Long ago I lived in Hawaii for a short time so we talked all about the great state. Something about Hawaii calls me back and I only spent 5 months living there. I miss the place so much, I feel like I want to get an 808 number and call myself a local. Someday.
After talking about the best places to eat I had a craving for a poke bowl. Luck would have it a sushi restaurant near by served poke. I ordered the mixed poke bowl and it was awesome. Now I want to go snorkeling and get an acai bowl.


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Looks delicious. Also looks like you prefer minimal sauce also? I do. Too much of the sauce hides the fish from my taste buds.


Oh yeah. This restaurant is my favorite just for that reason. They don't use lots of sauce on the sushi as well. Sauce on sushi these days is so disappointing.


I agree. I don’t like it when they put siracha sauce on sushi. Sounds like a good spot.

Hey, @alaqrab.

My wife and I have been to Oahu three times now. Just on vacation. Would love to live there though (just not much into the cost of living). I think the last time we were there I actually did try a poke bowl, and really did enjoy it. I would need to try some others, though, to get a better taste for it. I find it to be more of an acquired taste for me.

Not sure why, but I went more for the loco moco. :)

Actually, the spread they had at the Polynesia cultural center was probably my favorite, and the garlic butter shrimp we got by the pound at a restaurant was a very, very close second. :)


Thats awesome. I would recommend safeway, they has some of good poke.


Interesting. I guess I'll have to check that out. Unless you meant the next time we're in Hawaii? :)


Oh yeah, next time you are in Hawaii. Safeway has some good poke. I really wish Safeway in the states had poke.


Ah, okay, @alaqrab.

We have Safeways in our area, but I've not really gone looking for prepared food there. The only thing I do know they have other than an abundance of deli salads and meats is sushi.

Well, poke is probably too typical a ethnic dish, but I wouldn't be surprised if Safeways in larger urban areas sold it, especially around larger Polynesian populations. Not sure where that might be. California, bay area, around college campuses or Southern California maybe?

I don't know. Don't make it down to California often, but maybe I'll have a look see.

As it is, my daughter-in-law has been talking about going back to Hawaii next year, but at this point, I'm not sure if it's going to happen. I'll take a look if we do make it there, though. :)

The poke I had was from a restaurant in the Ala Moana Center in Honolulu. Can't remember the name of the place, though, and it was a last minute decision. I'd seen poke mentioned at other places, but I didn't know what it was. :)

Oh yea, I’ll take an açaí bowl any time! So refreshing. I’ve only been to Hawaii once, Oahu, and it was incredible. I remember the sunsets being majestic, just gorgeous. Anyway, nice to see you in the ring @alaqrab- good entry.

Well fancy seeing you here on Food Fight Friday. I believe we have never met. and with that i welcome you to the food fight madness with friendly Fish-slap
friendly fish slap.gif
BTW that Poke Bowl looks absolutely amazing!!! Now I have to go find a place that makes those.
Thank you for joining in the Food Fight Friday Madness