Freewriting Fridays Frenzy Challenge Week 3! Who are the winners?

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This is the last fff-challenge hosted on my account. From now on, we will play on @playonsteem! :D Head over there and follow up with that account if you'd like to play again or discover more challenges/games/contests to have more fun and earn a little extra SBD!

4 excellent entries that I picked as winning entries from last Friday (Week 2):

  1. The Moon and Stars by @tryskele
  2. Night Person by @cicisaja
  3. At Night by @oodeyaa
  4. The Light In Me by @clicked (loved the photos, although one would've been enough :)

A freewrite a day calls some SBD your way! Ok. That was corny. Still, congrats guys, you've all inspired me in many ways with your relationship with the time we call night. Great write-ups!

All other entries were great as well and all were curated by the eSteem curation trail! This is one of the main reasons for the challenge: to encourage people to try the @eSteem-app and earn some extra whale upvotes!


Let's set the theme for week 3! Again, the winning this time is 1SBD and for the next round, we'll do something even more awesome. Remember: @playonsteem ;)🏆

The rules, as always, are:

Follow the prompt and write a minimum of 250 words on the topic.

  1. Post ONLY through the eSteem app. Get it at
  2. Use hashtags fff-challenge and esteem
  3. Include one photo related to the prompt/topic (original photograph, no pixabay)
  4. Submit only on Friday after my #fff-challenge prompt post on my blog @kaliju

Three (or more?) winners will be announced after I read your submissions! I'm not biased in my selections and so it doesn't matter if one may think that their post is more deserving over another: all will be curated and upvoted regardless 👍


Today's topic (prompt) is:

Which animal can characterize you best? 🐙


This is Iris, my teacher.

I must be a culmination of a few species of animals out there, but, I learn a lot from cats. That makes me a cat, then, I suppose. What about you? Ever thought of what animal type represents you best?

Let's go for that blogging exercise! I'm looking forward to your entries and I encourage you guys to go through each other's posts as well. The previous entries were so fresh, I felt so easy reading them and I barely have the time to read these days! That says something about the freewrite format - it's easily digestible and can be quite unorthodox. Love relaxed vibe of it. Meow!

Steem it like you mean it!



▒▒▓█▇▅▂ (>‿◠)✌️▂▅▇█▓▒▒


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Awww I was actually looking forward to this as I love the idea of just writing freely. It's also perfect for me as I tend to get more busy than usual and have things to do on Fridays. :)

Guess I have to check that @playonsteem. I love games and will definitely try to participate as long as it doesn't require much talent ha ha I can't draw nor write that well :)

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Saw your post 😅 it's not too late, give it a go!


Since I have a "One Day per post" policy, it would already be Saturday on my end lol Oh well :)

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Thank you @kaliju and congratulations everyone😉
Oh my goodness.. how can I get a lion or dragon picture for the next challenge😢


Lol didn't think of that...well, obviously we can make an exception here 😂


Naah.. don't worry.. I knew a little dragon that still around the planet earth now 😂 beside.. screenshots will do

Gracias @kaliju por siempre mantenernos atentos a tus concursos que son fantasticos

Well Thank you so much @kaliju, I won :D
I participated again :D :D :D
Congratulations to all the winners.
I just participated in @playonsteem contest too.

Dear all the participants I wish you all th best and want to congratulate the winners keep it up and show your creativity to the world.

Great job everyone and congratulations to all. There were some awesome stories.

i came in for the cat pic lol
even though i'm a bear i'm a catlover :)

well done...congrats!

This is great. Congrats everyone.

Congrats to the winners. I love the concept of the freewrites. I probably will never catch this contest just because my Fridays are a bit hectic. I will try to visit some of the entries again this week. Always a fun read with the freewrites.