Black Country Day , July 14th

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Black Country Day , July 14th

Although today is better known as The Bastille Day worldwide , here in the heart of UK we have started our own celebrations - Black Country Day .Bsb8bIFCMAAJn80.jpg


It's a recent festival to promote the birth of Industry in the world . The date is based on the commemoration of the anniversary of the birth of the main industrial revolution event in the world - The Newcomen Engine, first built in 1712 was successfully employed at a local Conygree coalworks , near Dudley , here in The Black Country .

There are such a variety of events taking place from now till end of July , that everyone is well catered for.

The first is obviously the The Black Country Humour , as well orated by our Aynuk and Ayli . Our lingo is the closest to those who spoke proper English !

The second has got to be the bostin grub .........pork scratchings from Tipton , washed down with cold hand pulled pint of mild . Then for the main course it has to be a generous plate of faggots, grey peas and finished with a growth pudding!

classic-british-dish-of-faggots-with-potato-mash-peas-and-gravy-a-D2CRRC.jpg has a vast link to events taking place .

Well here's to bostin day to you all .

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wots ar growth pudding ...yahw ment groaty pudding ...yahw lemon ....

Oh thats predictive texting for you . Forgot to check in this dimly lit pub.
On another thought , going to give Mad O'Rorkes for a Desperate Dan next week.

yahw gooin then ?

Had a jar or two last night.

that's interesting, I didn't know about it!

To be hoest , it did slip my mind as well It's a recent thing to make people aware that we are distinctly different to our larger neighbour Birmingham. This is /was the industrial hub of the Midlands and country until recently, when commerce took over primaryily in Birmingham.