Fire & Ice - An Event In Chocolate (Chocolate Festival)

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I think imma start doing TBT - Throw Back Thursday for my cake creations, because it is fun sharing...right? 😂 I mean, I do TBT on my Instagram, why not here as well 😂 Don't get bored for such newsfeed(s) from me, afterall my account is called @thekitchenfairy so it is mainly for food related 😂😂✌️✌️

So here is my first TBT!

Earlier this year I was asked to participate for an art society fundraiser. This is an annual event on chocolate creations!

Until last year it was always called Chocolate Festival, but this year they revamped the concept and it became Fire and Ice, An Event In Chocolate.


We always wanted to check the chocolate festival out (as the whole house love chocolate), however we never got to it, as we didn't want our little kids would become too excited at the event and jump around and bump the wonderful chocolate displays and creations.

Surprisingly we got the invitation to take part in it this year, and with the new look and concept! And since we thought, hell yeah the kids are old enough to be told no now, plus learning it is for fundraising, nothing would make us happier than to donate and give back to the community.


In the beginning, after hearing the new concept and thus the theme of Fire & Ice, we instantly thought of dragons! Then we moved on to Elsa from Frozen, yes the cartoon 😂 Then we moved on to fairies, and even Mexican foods. We thought of many chocolate ideas for it. But after so many discussions how to turn the ideas into chocolate displays, we went with the following creations 😊



We donated 2, because we thought the more the merrier, right? 😊 It was for a good cause anyways ❤️

The bottles are edible and made of CHOCOLATES. The Sriracha bottle represent fire, and inside is CHOCOLATE cake with jalapeno vodka plus cayenne powder, while the Coca-Cola bottle represent ice, so inside is CHOCOLATE cake with creme de menthe liquor.

The same as The Stacked of Goodies. The slice of cake is flavored with jalapeno vodka and cayenne powder, while a cup of soda is flavored with creme de menthe. All of these were covered with 50/50 of fondant and modelling chocolate.


Visitors were not only served chocolate related drinks, admired the displays and fundraised, but also got to taste samplers from what were being displayed. And these boozed up cupcakes were the samplers that we shared on our table.



Unfortunately we didn't get to come and enjoy the event ourselves. On D day, my youngest was sick. So we could only delivered the cakes without really knowing what the event was like, nor be there to attend our table to share info/explain what our creations were about, but we heard it was a success!

The organizer asked us whether we would be willing to participate again next year. Hell yeah we would, we said. If it's for a good cause, we always would! And hopefully next year we would be able to actually attend and check it out 😂

Here are from the other invited participants. We were glad we didn't go with dragons ideas as one of them donated dragon cakes!

Too bad it was only my husband who could be there for a sec, just to snap a picture or two then rushed home to help me mend our sick baby, so there weren't many pics taken; and plus, lighting was not the greatest for picture-taking!



We also learned the festival wasn't really like a chocolate festival with chocolate molding/sculpting type, if you now what I mean (our ideas were all on sculpting/molding of chocolate).

The participants all donated chocolate CAKES, while we made sure to include tempered and molded chocolates, as it was our first time ever to take part in in and thought we had to stick to the chocolate theme as the main object.

It was fun nevertheless, but next time we will follow the others, I guess. Much easier to bake than play around molded chocolate and be stressed with the probability of melting-situation at the event 😊

Sadly starting this year, the event is no longer family-friendly. It is geared towards the adults now (and lasted until midnight). So maybe it was a good timing that my son got sick on D day, they wouldn't be able to come otherwise😅


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