Boomtown Fair 2018 | Chapter 10: The Machine Cannot Be Stopped

in festival •  3 months ago

Welcome to Boomtown Fair. The UK's Maddest City! A place where you can be anyone, do anything and live any life you choose. Become a character, become a spectator, hell, become a piece of the scenery! Anything is possible within these city walls and we captured it all on film to share with you!

My goal is to release this sneak preview into this weird world before I go into more of a vloggy in depth series on this place. So hold on tight and enjoy!



gear used;
Nikon D5300
Rode VideoMicro
Sony Vegas
Toshiba Satellite P70
Logitech Performance MX
GoPro Hero 3+

other socials;

▶️ DTube
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Damn this thing was next level

Nice Boomtown Vlog! Is that your girlfriend? She seems awesome! :)
Great vlog!


She used to be my girlfriend... She's my wife now! She is very entertaining I can tell you that much 😂 And yes Boomtown was awesome, such a crazy place. Do you have any festivals like that in Sweden??