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It’s the last day of June 2019 and we want to surprise our followers with this promising development at fesschain. We are thrilled to share the ‘Neutrino Framework’ with all of you which is powering the fess blockchain’s almost every unique features. This framework contains the essence of the operational functionality of the fess blockchain and how blocks are optimised to decongest the blockchain

Do You know Fesschain’s First Prototype has already been launched? If you haven’t already checked it then please make sure you do.

The Neutrino Framework
This Framework summarizes 9 different stages explained below-

Neutrino Framework by Fesschain
Neutrino Framework Explained
At the first stage, there are multiple transactions are requested from the user’s end on the blockchain

In the second step, the requested Transaction Data is developed into the respective blocks in order to make it system friendly

Once the blocks are developed then the third stage comes into existence where these blocks are sent to the parent node. This is a very important step as all blocks are processed to churn out the relevant data. This is achieved through the ‘Data Fragmentation’. Under fragmentation, data is broken into the smallest unit parts possible so that the unnecessary data and space both can be taken care of.

In the 4th stage, this freshly processed data is sent to randomly arranged (all thanks to the Artificial Intelligence) virtual nodes so that the networks can process it.

Once the data is moved into the randomly ordered virtual nodes. In this stage, the available Sub-nodes validates the entries. After verification, the data is forwarded to the next stage.

Now comes the real part. The verified and relevant block becomes part of the blockchain.

Once the entries are received then all blocks are verified with the Bitcoin’s mined blocks for aggregation.

Now as the data has been sorted, fragmented, validated and aggregated. The 8th step is what is visible to the user that is the DATA, the Relevant data which has now been saved in the Fesschain’s blockchain.

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Now the relevant entries are recorded and the Transaction has been successfully completed.

It may sound like 9 different long stages that are going to take some several minutes or so. But it’s not! Fesschain is optimized to deliver up to 900 such transactions within a second that too without compromising even an iota of security. This is not it, the algorithm used in fesschain makes sure that this transaction speed gets amplified with the passing time.

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