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It seems that mass adoption of blockchain is just behind the corner, but there are still issues that are holding this process. Some limitations are technical, but there is also limitation connected to social behaviour, that people are used to. Solutions for technical limitations are seen daily, and one proposal is coming from Fess Chain from India, that is aiming to solve Security and Scalability issues.

Security issue is related to trust in the network, due to long time for confirmation and possibility of 51% attack, and Fess chain foreseen to improve it with each transaction verified by timestamp, or BTC blockchain, or both, which shall make it very secure and trustable. Speed will be improved with introduction of fragmented and parallel processing, to reduce overloading on the network that is causing slow transaction speed. It will be a PoP or Proof of Proof mechanism. Number of processed transactions will be between 400 and 900, when blockchain is in full progress.

Fess is planning to have in-house department for decentralized applications, that will provide solutions for all use cases, that are coming to developer’s mind. It will be interesting to see how this will turn up, but several applications are already mentioned in light-paper, such as e-commerce, fitness apps, supply chains and similar.

Total number of provided tokens will be 10 billion, and 650 million is allocated for sale. From the total amount, 24% is reserved for the team, 25% for mining, and rest is allocated as per indicated in light-paper.

Project website: https://fesschain.live/

Author: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1573369

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