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I love this car. The design is so unique and it has a great history. I wish you posted a shot of the front to show off the bubble headlights.

I always love the old cars. Also I have one in the garage, but here is a very beautiful American muscle beauty beast

@fitbusinessman, good question! I guess you only day like we did! but in that case i didn't get a notification! well it's not instagram;) but it's certainly great!

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nice pic! but I guess its hard to TAG a friend..😁


@dctommyd if you @ tag them, don't they get notified? ;)

@jmjury hey bud 👍 I will definitely put that on my content list for the future. You are right...lovely design aesthetic on this classic 👍

@dctommyd ahh! They don't notify @ mentions yet! This is critical to the platform dev going forward! 💪

the car of my dreams

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