Instant Payments for the Modern Age

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We live in a time where we are often expected to be online 24/7. Whether it be to keep on top of work or keep in touch with family and friends, devices like smartphones and services like mobile Internet have conditioned us to understanding that this is both possible and expected. Remember when you could leave your house and not have to worry about taking phone calls or replying to an email sent by your boss over the weekend? It seems like a lifetime ago.

But when it comes to getting paid, then, why do we still have long wait times with banks? It doesn’t seem to add up. This is why instant payments are something that more and more people are demanding. If we live in an instant world, shouldn’t compensation for our work be instant, too?

Instant payments allow for financial inclusion and this means that we can send and receive payments and be notified of these transactions in real time that makes sense and is in line with our instant lifestyle.

Feon is a cryptobank that supports different currencies for instant payment the world over. We want everyone to understand and utilize the benefits of instant payments because it’s what we all deserve. To find out more, go to

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