How do we see FEON's future?

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FEON cryptobank is a part of fast-growing ecosystem that constantly develops innovative solutions for cryptocurrency users in order to make the spread of this blockchain technology more simple and effective.
The beginning of our journey was in 2015. We developed Smart contracts for the Etherium network, participated in the development of Web3, Lighting Networks and building the architecture of decentralized applications. In 2016 we developed a payment system for a banking platform, also our task was to create a platform for cruptocurrency systems, what we managed to do quite successfully. In 2017 we tested our FEON cryptobank platform and we still work on it in 2018. There are plenty of developments implemented for the FEON Open API platform.
In December, we are going to publish to Google Play and the App Store the FEON mobile bank app, and in 2019 we are planning to launch solutions for cryptoacquiring.
More than that, we aim to develop FEON SMART technology, and by the end of 2020 we will extend the range of services available at FEON, adding escrow, hending services, “safe” purchase and so on.
Our team is always glad to meet every new user who chooses FEON and trusts our platform. We are doing our best to provide everything you need. To follow the latest news and stay tuned, go to
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