Feng Shui as a means of harmonization of space

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Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of building space. This teaching allows you to harmoniously arrange a home and feel very comfortable in it. According to Feng Shui, all things have energy, it can be useful (qi energy) or unfavorable (energy sha). In your power to change the design of the apartment in such a way that you are surrounded by extremely good energy. Even in small things, interior design is essential. For example, the entrance to the dwelling is the gate for the circulation of positive qi energy, and therefore the front door should be neat, the lock and door hinges should always be greased.

According to the teachings of Feng Shui, along with dripping water, you risk losing health and money, so you need to carefully monitor the serviceability of the cranes in your apartment. If the interior design involves the use of a large number of mirrors, then you need to monitor their condition. The mirror should completely reflect you, that is, be large enough. In addition, it should not bend the image, be clean and without scratches.

Thinking over the design of the apartment, make sure that your bedroom is as far from the entrance to the dwelling. The Chinese believe that the bed should not be divided into two parts, otherwise there will inevitably be a misunderstanding between the spouses.

Strongly unacceptable is the presence of bedside tables with sharp corners. To harmonize the space, you can put a flower on the pedestal with long, hanging stems.

The interior design in the children's room requires special attention. It should not be large, but necessarily - light and full of air. If your child has problems with sleep, then it is better to get rid of large mirrors in the nursery. The child grows, changes, and the design of the interior of the nursery must change with it.

By feng shui, the design of the apartment is extremely important. Particular attention should be paid to the decoration of the kitchen and dining room. For the dining room, the lighting is quite bright, but not annoying. The table should be round, the tablecloth - mostly light shades. Putting in the kitchen a small red bag filled with money, you will improve family relations and increase your money savings.

From the design of the living room depends the well-being of the family. Consider the design of the apartment so that the entrance to the living room is not blocked by tall plants or interior items, as they interfere with the flow of positive energy.

Floors in the living room are recommended to be made of wood, you can cover them with a natural beautiful coating.

Existing ancient treatises on feng shui give a lot of useful knowledge, which is not so easy to understand. If you have the time and desire, you can try to create an interior design, according to your own knowledge and ideas about feng shui. Ideally - to invite a specialist in this area and get ready-made interior that meets all the principles of this teaching. In any case, it is important to want to live in harmony with yourself and the surrounding space and take steps in the right direction.guilin-685512_1280.jpg


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