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This is just a short post to share an interview with you all.

It is an interview with the founder and leader of my fencing club Martin Krøis Holtmann. The link above will take you to the blog of swedish fencer Anders Linnard, who has done a few interviews with people in the community, as part of his blogging. This interview is his latest i think.
I was made aware of the interview through the facebook group for our club, and while reading it I noticed that I was actually in a few of the images. The only way that I could see it was because I am the only one who trains in red, so I recognized my trousers even though my face is not visible in any of the images :-)

Anyways If you are interested in historical fencing go read the interview and maybe check out the blog.

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Now, i have heard of, and handled a fencing epee and a fencing foil,
but never a fencing club.


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